25 Best Funny Animal Memes In 2020

Funny animal memes

Here are 25 funny animal memes to start your week with a laugh. Check them out and share the laugh with your friends!

These funny animal memes will put a smile on your face, you can count on it! With their funny faces, animals always succeed to make out days brighter. If you have a pet, whether it’s a cat, a dog, or a bird, you sure know what I’m talking about.

We don’t always manage to capture their hilarious faces in pictures, but when we do, we get pure gold. These 25 funny animal memes are some of the most hilarious, appreciated and share by our community on our Facebook page and humor group. Check them out, and share the laughs with your friends!

1. Haha, such a funny animal meme. Most of us had to work from home this year, so why would dogs be excepted?

Funny animal meme: dog border collie working from home.

2. If you’re not careful around your kids, they’ll pick up on your habits. Are you sure you want some mini versions of you?

Funny animal meme: when your kid picks up on your habits and now you have a mini version of you.

3. Oh, deer! When you tell your wife it’s hunting season, but she HAS to visit her sister.

Funny animal meme: funny deer meme - I told you it was hunting season Doreen, but we just HAD to visit your sister near the lake.

4. This dog is so funny! This is how we should all react when someone tells us we should start acting our age.

Funny animal meme: when someone tells me I should start acting my age.

5. Poor guy! Haha, I love this funny animal meme:

Funny animal meme: the therapy dog after I share all my problems.

6. When your puppies are your babies and you take them to visit Grandma. These dogs look so cute!

Funny animal memes: dogs after visiting Grandma,

7. The cat in this funny animal meme expresses this best: Nothing messes up your Friday like realizing it’s only Thursday. Or worse: Monday. Yikes!

Funny animal meme: nothing messes up your Friday like realizing it's only Thursday.

8.When you see your doctor and you get the good stuff, the ride back home is so much more interesting!

Funny animal meme: when your doctor gives you the good stuff.

9. A funny summer meme:

Funny animal meme: it's so hot, the dog melted.

10. This dog is serious!

Funny animal meme - funny dog meme

11. This beautiful cow looks so peaceful. I wish I had its peace of mind, instead of the body…

Funny animal meme: I wish I had this cow's peace of mind. I already have its body.

12. A funny animal meme about love: Find someone who looks at you the way this dog looks at food.

Funny animal meme: find someone who looks at you like this dog looks at food.

13. LOL, this dog looks a lot like some men wearing skinny jeans!

Funny animal meme: this dog looks like men over 30 wearing skinny keans.

14. It’s rough when you lose a life, and it doesn’t get easier.

Funny animal meme: drunk cat loses life

15. This funny picture shows exactly how parents feel at the end of a day with the kids. LOL, the babies look so full of energy!

Funny animal meme: cat dad after he spends a whole day  with the kids.

16. The cat in this funny meme looks exactly like me, when I forget my glasses.

Funny animal meme: funny cat without glasses

17. When you adopt a dog that turns out to be a baby hyena. Well, at least it thinks you’re funny!

Funny animal meme: baby hyena ugly dog

18. When you can’t breathe and you worry… but then you realize it’s because of your pants.

Funny animal meme: I thought I was sick but I unbuttoned my pants.

19. I’m no wildlife expert, but this monkey is definitely drunk. Wow, dude!

Funny animal meme: drunk monkey hits lion.

20. Please maintain social distancing!

Funny animal meme: squirrel meme two meters please

21. This cat blends in perfectly among the penguins. If it fits, it sits.

Funny animal meme: when you lie on the application but still get the job.

22. It doesn’t matter if that’s a real window or not. As long as it makes you happy…

Funny animal meme: dog looks out fake window

23. This looks a lot like my marriage, LOL! Just kidding, we’re not as cute as the kitties in this funny meme.

24. You can’t lose weight by eating salads and walking, and hippos are proof.

Funny animal meme: hippos have taught us that you can't lose weight by eating salads,

25. What’s up with this black kangaroo? Does anyone know? LOL!

Funny animal meme: black kangaroo funny dog

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Animals Make Us Laugh

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Animals Make Us Laugh

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