31 Funny Memes To Brighten Your Day

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We’ve selected 31 of the best funny memes to brighten your day! Check them out, enjoy the fun, and share the laughs with your friends!

These funny memes will make you laugh until you cry! It happens to all of us: sometimes you just have a bad day. Some days are awful because of our bosses, because we hate our jobs, or because we’re tired, stressed, or hungover. Sometimes it’s all of these reasons.

However, this year was special. Most days were awful. And not just for you. They were bad for all of us! But, as we’re funny, strong, and awesome, we hit 2020 back, by throwing our best jokes at it. Hope it works!

These 31 funny memes were the most hilarious, appreciated and shared on our Facebook page, and our humor group. Check them out, enjoy a good laugh, and share the fun with your friends!

1. Wow, just how fast was this poor ostrich running when it hit the tree?

funny meme ostrich ran into a tree

2. I just the miss summer weekends when we had to worry about our tan lines.

Funny meme: funny tan line alcohol bottle

3. As you can see, eve though they are VERY SIMILAR, there is a huge difference between a “Yogameister” and “Jagermeister”.

funny meme yoga meister versus jagermeister

4. My doctor said I should cut the carbs, and I agree. I even bought a bicycle to do it, as he suggested.

funny meme: my doctor told me to use a bicycle and cut the carbs.

5. Can we please stop nominating people to do crazy things? I’m not doing any push-up, for any challenge. STOP IT!

funny meme: I've been nominated to do a 25 push-ups for 25 days challenge. I started by blocking who nominated me.

6. This cow looks so peaceful. I think it’s from the grass.

Funny meme: I wish I had this cow's peace of mind. I already have its body.

7. How to get your wife to stop taking you shopping. Rearrange the items in the store. Example:

funny meme: how to get banned from the gift shop.

8. EXACTLY! This is exactly how my family walks past a sink full of dishes.

funny meme: how my family walks past a sink full of dishes.

9. One of the most hilarious pictures on the internet. Thanks, Grandma! I love the shark blanket.

funny meme: when grandma knits you a shark blanket.

10. That’s right. If I make you breakfast in bed, say THANK YOU!

funny meme: if I make you breakfast in bed, a simple 'thank you' is all I need.

11. Such a funny meme, LOL! When she divorces you and literally takes half of your house.

funny meme: it must have been a rough divorce, half cut house

12. When your dog embarrasses you at the dog park:

funny meme: just hold your bone like a normal dog and stop embarrassing me.

13. This is a very good piece of advice, not just a random funny meme. Have a beer before every meal!

funny meme: diet tip - if you think you're hungry, you might just be thirsty. Have a beer first and then see how you feel.

14. Some people should never wear skinny jeans, and not just men over 30. Don’t you agree?

Funny meme: men over 30 wearing skinny jeans

15. It’s so awful when you lose a life. Rough day, we feel you little buddy.

Funny meme: cat drinks because he lost a life

16. At the end of the day, when the parent is exhausted, but the kids are still full of energy:

Funny meme: dad, after he spends a whole day with the kids

17. You had one job…

funny meme: someone built the road in the wrong place

18. I’ve just adopted this ugly puppy. Well, at least he laughs at all my jokes. He’s a keeper!

funny meme: I've just adopted this ugly dog, baby hyena

19. New times bring new problems.

funny meme: new corporate problems

20. This here is not just a funny meme, listen to me. This is rock solid marriage advice: You do not ask your wife when dinner will be ready, while she is mowing the lawn.

funny meme: marriage tip - when your wife is mowing the lawn, that's not a good time to ask her when dinner will be ready.

21. You don’t have to be a wildlife expert to know it. This monkey definitely had too much to drink, LOL.

funny meme: drunk monkey hits lion

22. When you drink too much and forget which game you were playing:

funny meme: man playing pool with golf club.

23. At least this ‘stray dog’ has finally found a new loving family.

funny meme: his hobbies include taking LSD and rescuing stray dogs

24. Sure thing, Grandma. LOL!

funny meme grandma: all you people think about these days is sex.

25. LOL! I love this funny meme. So hilarious!

funny meme dog looks out painting window

26. Wow, truly terrifying. Yikes. Store your wigs where your kids can’t reach them.

funny meme horror kid wearing a wig

27. Great, they finally made teenager mannequins!

Funny meme: teenager mannequins

28. Such a great idea! This will make your life so much easier. LOL

funny meme pro tip: if you're tired of boiling pasta, just boil a few gallons of water and freeze it

29. Camouflage done right. Well done, puppy!

funny meme: perfect dog camouflage among ducks

30. Does anyone know what’s up with this black kangaroo? I hear they are rare.

Funny meme dog poop black kangaroo

31. Special bed for married couples, also available with electric fence.

funny meme: specialty bed for married couples, also available with electric fence.

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