A Funny Meme For Each Month Of 2020

If we were to make a funny 2020 calendar, this would be it.

2020 was a weird year. Can you remember what happened each month in 2020? Can you remember what we were laughing about before the quarantine and the pandemic? Can you remember what was going on around the world this time last year? Can you remember what our lives looked like before?

It was hard for me to imagine, so I did what any normal person would. I scrolled back until I reached the best memes shared at the beginning of 2020. When we had no idea what was coming, yet. I chose a representative meme for each month in 2020 and made this list to remind us what this year was all about.

1. January 2020 - When things started to suck, but we had no idea how bad they were going to get.

Funny meme January 2020

2. February 2020 - When Corona was still the only company suffering due to the virus.

Funny meme february 2020

3. March 2020 - When the quarantine began and we started drinking.

Funny meme March 2020

4. April 2020 - When we started to get fat.

Funny meme April 2020

5. May 2020 - When the murder hornets came.

Funny meme May 2020

6. June 2020 - When they removed some restrictions, and we thought it was over. (Narrator: It was far from being over)

Funny meme June 2020

7. July 2020 - When things were supposed to get back to normal. (Narrator: but they were not back to normal.)

Funny meme July 2020

8. August 2020 - When we couldn't go on vacation, due to the pandemic.

Funny meme August 2020

9. September 2020 - When kids returned to school.

Funny meme September 2020

10. October 2020 - When we celebrated Halloween differently.

Funny meme October 2020

11. November 2020 - When we calabrated Thanksgiving differently.

Funny meme November 2020

12. December 2020 - When we've had enough of this year.

Funny meme Christmas 2020

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