50 Best Memes That Made Us Laugh In 2020

2020 was a rough year, but we sure knew how to make it better. These are the best memes in 2020! Check them out and share the fun with your friends!

1. Julia's very passionate about one of her hobbies!

2. One of the best memes I've seen in 2020.

3. Grandma always wins at hide and seek!

4. When you make your coffee with redbull instead of water, you can see noises and hear colors!

5. My reaction when someone tells me to act my age.

6. Who wants to join me in this hilarious prank?

7. Rum! Morning rum!

8. One of the best marriage tips I've ever read!

9. In 2020 we've learned that the lack of time was NOT why I didn't thoroughly clean the house.

10. Yeah, 2020 was full of surprises. The Bloob shortage sure came as a shock.

11. Never buy a dog, or anything else, when you're drunk.

12. In 2020 we had so many new rules! Some of them were odd and difficult, but... rules are rules!

13. Cleaning the house with alcohol is not a good idea. You can't get anything done after a couple of glasses.

14. This photographer must be a funny guy!

15. I don't recommend this, LOL

16. All parents will relate to this funny meme!

17. I've been staying in my pajamas for months. Does anyone know when I'm getting my money?

18. How to avoid being stressed at work:

19. OMG, this is a nightmare:

20. We were wild before 2020!

21. I love your dog, Mark! One of the best memes I've seen this year!

22. Night shift workers, when they go to the beach:

23. Poor guy!

24. The only way to cook kale:

25. He's enjoying the view!

26. Yeah, what's up with that nonsense?

27. I'm sure they would...

28. You know you're all grown up, when you stop caring about what others think.

29. Bummer! Right when I was about to start going to the gym!

30. To avoid being scared like this, I've just stopped wearing pants.

31. Follow me for more recipes!

32. Where are those employees?

33. Be very careful, friends! During the winter, animals are attracted to the warmth of your vehicle.

34. Why would you put your water in the Pringles holder? Who does that?

35. Just one of the reasons I think we should keep wearing masks:

36. Not sure why he's got such a small shopping basket, though.

37. I've read that salads help you lose weight!

38. I just hope I find my safe place, one day.

39. This was one of my favorite memes this year. Hilarious.

40. Security tip for Dads:

41. Drinking at home has many benefits. Not having to wear pants is my personal favorite.

42. I'm pretty sure this monkey is drunk.

43. This is my life long dream!

44. All parents will relate to this funny meme:

45. Cats memes are my favorite. I hope you'll this Christmas tip helpful.

46. All parents should be this proud of their kids. #Goals

47. Back to school pictures were very different in 2020.

48. "Ancient ruins" LMAO

49. Wrapping gifts while drinking is not a good idea.

50. Run, forest!

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