30 Funny Dog Memes That Will Brighten Your Day

Here are 30 funny dog memes for everyone sick of politics, the pandemic, and whatever apocalypse is going on out there.

Check out these funny dog memes and have a pawsome day! Let’s put aside everything going on out there and enjoy some dog humor, what do you say? Doggos are so expressive, their cute faces make the best memes.

These funny dog memes are some of the best we shared on our Facebook humor page. Check them out, enjoy the fun, and join us on our social channels for more fun.

1. This funny dog meme perfectly pictures the face I make when I'm in the same room with a shot of tequila.

Funny dog meme: when you smell a certain type of alcohol and it reminds you of that time you almost died.

2. Don't you think someone should work harder on inventing an app for this?

Funny dog meme: me, wondering if there's a way to transfer money from my mind to my bank account.

3. In 2020, many of us had to work from home.

Funny dog meme: border collie working from home.

4. I really need to get a dog...

Funny dog meme: how to deal with nosy neighbors. Stick a turkey leg in a sneaker and let your dog patrol your yard.

5. This is me, every time I start a new diet!

Funny dog meme: When all you bought was healthy food and now there's nothing good to eat.

6. Pure bread puppy

Funny dog meme: pure bread dog.

7. Actually, I kinda get used to wearing it. Can't say the same about the bra.

Funny dog meme: ripping off your mask when you get into back into your car is the new taking off your bra when you get home.

8. Funny Dog made pancakes!

Funny dog meme: follow me for more recipes

9. Dogs could travel without us, but they never would. Cats, on the other hand...

Funny dog meme: dogs can't get this virus, so they are free to travel.

10. Who wants a social distancing service dog?

Funny dog meme: social distancing service dogs for sale

11. This funny dog meme perfectly describes my reaction when someone tells me I should act my age.

Funny dog meme: When someone tells me I should start acting my age.

12. The therapy dog after I share everything that's wrong with me.

Funny dog meme: the therapy dog after I share all my problems

13. This is exactly what I'd do if if I were the guy in this funny meme. For sure!

Funny dog meme: me, when I see dogs.

14. I dream to one day love my job as much as this dog loves his.

Funny dog meme: when you switch jobs from service dog to drug sniffing dog

15. And I think it's an obvious one:

Funny dog meme: puppy chew shoes

16. Poor doggo!

Funny dog meme: If jealousy had a face

17. I'd totally buy this cutie!

Funny dog meme: hunting dog for sale.

18. Grandma always spoils them!

Funny dog meme: After visiting Grandma

19. Yes, you will!

Funny dog meme: You are strong. You are fast. And you WILL catch that squirrel tomorrow.

20. I still think it's a pretty good photo.

Funny dog meme: dog ruins photo of the year.

21. Some trips to the vet aren't that bad...

Funny dog meme: When your doctor gives you the good stuff,

22. Haha! This dog is so funny!

Funny dog meme: Hey! This bowl's not going to fill itself!

23. This right here is true love.

Funny dog meme: find someone who looks at you the was this dog looks at food.

24. This funny dog really wants to embarrass his Mommy at the dog park.

Funny dog meme: Just hold your bone like a normal dog and stop embarrassing me!

25. This funny dog meme perfectly describes what men over 30 look like when wearing skinny jeans.

Funny dog meme: Men over 30 wearing skinny jeans.

26. "It's such a lovely weather outside!"

Funny dog meme: My dog ate a pot brownie and now he's looking out the window.

27. If Richard Gere was a dog:

Funny dog meme: LOL, this dog looks like Richard Gere!

28. Camouflage level 1000:

Funny dog meme: Day 21. No one suspects a thing.

29. Have you ever seen this type of kangaroo?

Funny dog meme: A very rare black kangaroo.

30. It sure does, buddy. It sure does.

Funny dog meme: growing up sucks

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