30 Funny Bird Photos That Made Me Smile Today

Birds can be so funny!

These funny bird photos made my day! As a cockatiel owner, I have witnessed so many silly moments that made me laugh out loud! Birds are beautiful, majestic creatures, but they do have their goofy moments. Just check out this hilarious gallery and see for yourself!

1. Me and bestie on our way to the party vs. us leaving the party.

2. He's in the witness protection program.

3. Beautiful creatures...

4. I'm pretty sure this is organized crime.

5. What kind of bird is this?

6. Is this bird ok?

7. Beautiful family portrait.

8. Don't you hate it when they rearrange the aisles at the store?

9. The last thing your phone sees when you try to take a photo of a goose.

10. You can't take bad photos in Paris. Unless...

11. Something touched my foot!

12. The face you make when the boss asks you to come in on your day off for a team meeting.

13. Majestic!

14. Straight from a horror movie...

15. Let's take a nice photo at the beach!

16. What's even happening here?

17. Birds are evolving, people! Isn't nature beautiful?

18. Look! It's the tooth fairy!

19. When you're very hungry, you could eat anything!

20. Nice legs!

21. Cute hat!

22. I'll just take a nap here.

23. Sorry, this seat is taken!

24. So funny!

25. Darn robots, stealing our jobs!

26. This person, LOL!

27. Owl do.

28. You should be living in fear.

29. Me, on Friday, when everyone's out socializing:

30. Whoa, indeed!

Animals Make Us Laugh

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Animals Make Us Laugh

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