25 Adorable Pets Who Look A Lot Like Their Humans

I guess it’s true! Pets really do look like their owners!

I have no idea how this happens. Maybe there’s something hidden in the human brain that makes us choose pets who look like us. Or maybe it’s faith? Or maybe after spending a lot of time together we just start to look alike. I always thought it was a myth, but as you’ll see in this cute gallery, pets and owners do look alike.

1. Dog and human lookalike.

2. They might be related!

3. A friendship that was meant to be. I love this!

4. These two are adorable!

5. A beautiful pair!

6. They really do look alike!

7. They both have beautiful eyes!

8. These two really do look alike!

9. Heterochromia buddies.

10. Both buddies could use a trim!

11. So cute!

12. Curly buddies.

13. The resemblance!

14. You look so much like your Mom!

15. They match!

16. He can't be adopted!

17. They really do look alike!

18. Nap buddies.

19. These cuties stole my heart!

20. Brothers from different mothers.

21. My heart!!!

22. Partners in crime!

23. They match!

24. The resemblance!

25. I guess it's true. Pets really do look like their owners!

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