25 Ridiculous Signs That Will Make Your Day

Funny Signs

These 25 signs are too funny! Check out this hilarious gallery and share the fun with your friends!

These photos are hysterical! Some of them are honest mistakes that resulted in some ridiculous signs, others were the work of some very clever people. They are all so funny, they’ll make you laugh out loud. Check out the hilarious gallery and share the fun with someone who could use a reason to smile today!

1. Can someone please explain what this sign is supposed to mean?

Funny Sign fail

2. Googly eyes everywhere!

Funny Sign googly eyes

3. This sign about common sense is so awesome!

Funny Sign common sense

4. What about Mondays?

Funny Sign ice cream

5. This sounds like a fun garden center!

Funny Sign Absolutely no clothing and footwear is allowed in garden center

6. This is too funny!

Funny Sign elk city is a bird sanctuary kfc

7. Haven't they gone bad since last year?

Funny Sign try one our burritos we sold last year

8. It's for your own safety, guys.

Funny Sign husbands choosing tiles must have note from wife

9. Wait, what?!

Funny Sign citizen disposal facility

10. LMAO!

Funny Sign please report graffiti to the front desk

11. Additions are hard...

Funny Sign living with addition

12. Someone thought there was something missing...

Funny Sign ahead

13. Always open, except when it's closed.

Funny Sign denny's always open closed

14. A very good reason!

Funny Sign we are presently not open because we are closed

15. Please don't help.

Funny Sign restroom you can do it we can help

16. Truck drivers are not authorized to walk around the planet unescorted. Who knew?

Funny Sign truck drivers

17. I know they meant the floor, but wow...

Funny Sign ladies slippery when wet

18. I promise you I won't.

Funny Sign please do not sit on the fencce

19. They probably get sick from fingers.

Funny Sign please do not feed fingers to the animals

20. You'll never find anyone!

Funny Sign cashier wanted must be 18 years old with 20 years of experience

21. Does this sign say LOL? Because that would be inappropriate.

Funny Sign drowning lol

22. Wow, you can do that?

Funny Sign toilet ask an associate for a demonstration

23. Please don't do that to senior citizens.

Funny Sign wash and vacuum senior citizens

24. This sign is so funny!

Funny Sign taco emergency call 9 juan juan

25. I won't be going at this restaurant...

Funny Sign Gynaecology restaurant

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