25 Funny Things People Have Spotted At Restaurants

Funny Things People Have Spotted At Restaurants

These people went out for a bite and got a laugh as a bonus. Check out this hilarious gallery and share the fun with your friends!

I haven’t been to a restaurant in a long, long time, due to the pandemic, but hopefully, I’ll get the chance to eat out soon. Maybe my husband will take on a romantic date this summer. That would be nice.
Anyway, these people went out for a bite and spotted some funny things while they were there. Check out the funny gallery and share it with someone who could use a reason to smile today.

1. This funny restroom message:

Funny Restaurant restroom

2. This kids menu is brilliant!

Funny Restaurant Kids Menu

3. The legend says he's still there...

Funny Restaurant Story

4. Be very careful, if you bring your kids!

Funny Restaurant Unattended Children Signs

5. I could use a soup!

Funny Restaurant soup of the day tequila

6. I like the message on his chalkboard sign.

Funny Restaurant Chalkboard sign

7. A creative beer menu! The prices change every 15 minutes based on supply and demand.

Funny Restaurant beer menu

8. A funny sign that invites you in!

Funny Restaurant Sign

9. These tables are great for when you spill the water.

Funny Restaurant Table with grass

10. Ha! These doors are funny!

Funny Restaurant Restroom doors

11. They didn't make it too difficult...

Funny Restaurant maze fail

12. These signs are hilarious!

Funny Restaurant bathroom doors

13. This whole thing is very funny!

Funny Restaurant Sign

14. Plenty of vegetarian options!

Funny Restaurant Menu

15. Should we believe them?

Funny Restaurant Salt and pepper

16. LOL, this sign is hysterical!

Funny Restaurant Employees must wash hands sign

17. Check out the Valentine's Day special at this restaurant:

Funny Restaurant chalkboard sign valentine's day

18. Wow! I would sit there for 10% off.

Funny Restaurant worst table sign

19. I see what you did there and I think you're brilliant!

Funny Restaurant health control B

20. This is such a great idea!

Funny Restaurant don't drink and drive

21. There's a shortage of robots?! Shouldn't we start panicking?

Funny Restaurant sign

22. In this restaurant, there's a painting of their very first customers.

Funny Restaurant painting

23. And while you wait for your food, here's a funny joke.

Funny Restaurant sign

24. I could use some soup!

Funny Restaurant sign soup of the day

25. Love this! Very artistic!

Funny Restaurant drawing

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