25 Everyday Objects That Look Like Something Else

Everyday Things That Look Like Something Else

All these objects look like something else. Check out this cool gallery and share the fun with your friends!

At the first look, these photos managed to trick me! In this gallery, you’ll see several everyday objects that look like something else. Check out the awesome gallery and share the fun with your friends!

1. This loaf of bread reminded me of Dory.

bread looks like dory

2. Look! Bacon!

rock looks like bacon

3. This hay bale looks like a hole in the ground.

hay looks like hole

4. At first I thought this was an eye!

ice looks like eye

5. These coatis look like tiny dinosaurs

coatis looks like dinosars

6. The moon? Or a dirty mug?

coffee mug looks like the moon

7. This dog looks like a polar bear!

wet dog looks like polar bear

8. Looks like the king of the jungle got trapped in a fence!

fence looks like lion

9. This eggplant looks like a guy I know.

eggplant looks like face

10. There's a second elephant in the photo, can you see it?

water splash looks like elephant

11. No one wants to eat this muffin.

muffin looks like mouse

12. 100% Vegan Duck

pumpkin looks like duck

13. The roses on this bed don't look very romantic, to be honest.

rose bed linen looks like blood

14. I guess he misses his other half.

pepper looks like face

15. At first I thought this was a panda.

cat looks like panda

16. Why aren't people panicking?! Because that's a cloud, not a massive wave.

cloud looks like massive wave

17. This sweet potato looks like a finger.

sweet potato looks like finger

18. This car dent looks like two people kissing.

car dent looks like people kissing

19. Why are they screaming?

shoes looks like people screaming

20. This bottle of honey looks like shampoo.

honey bottle looks like shampoo

21. Not a sock, or even a shoe! This is a rock.

rock looks like sock

22. So scary! Oh, wait... it's just a dog.

dog looks like tiger

23. This potato looks so cute!

potato looks like seal

24. A bunny shaped tomato.

tomato looks like bunny

25. Funny!

chocolate looks like man's hea

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