25 Awesome Memes We Loved This Week

Random Funny Meme March:

These random funny memes are hilarious! Check them out and share the fun with your friends!

The Internet is full of negative comments, political comments, and disagreement, and I’m sick of that. I say let’s share some humor and positivity for a change! Take a break from what you’re doing and check out these funny memes. Don’t forget to share the fun with someone who could use a reason to smile!

1. I had it coming! LOL

Funny meme: I fired myself from cleaning the house. I don't like my attitude and I got caught drinking on the job.

2. Oops! Sorry Mom!

clean humor funny meme when you accidentally say a curse word in front of mom

3. Just so you know, I never do.

The biggest lie I tell myself: "I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it."

4. My plans after a rough week.

Random Funny Meme March: My weekend plans

5. Haha! So funny and so TRUE!

Random Funny Meme March: Grandma, I'm coming to live with you. I like it better at your house. I'm the boss there.

6. Does anyone else have these weird symptoms?

Random Funny Meme March: I think I caught a new virus strain: I haven't lost my taste or smell, but I lost my will to work, and I could use a drink.

7. There's still a pandemic going on, miss!

Random Funny Meme March: Excuse me, Ma'am. Please maintain social distancing.

8. As a kid, I felt rich after receiving a few bucks.

Random Funny Meme March: Me, after I visit Grandma.

9. Be patient, you guys!

Random Funny Meme March: How my family waits for me to finish cooking dinner.

10. I'm never doing this again.

Random Funny Meme March: Day 13 without chocolate. Lost hearing in my right eye.

11. I could use a couple!

Random Funny Meme March: I just saw a car laying eggs. Who wants one?

12. Since 2020, this has been my entertainment!

Random Funny Meme March: When I hear my neighbors arguing outside

13. How you know Grandma was here:

Random Funny Meme March: When Grandma visits:

14. LOL, this meme is so funny!

Random Funny Meme March: That perfect guy who takes you on walks and opens the car door for you:

15. Here's some great life advice:

Random Funny Meme March: Lifehack: Don't use a Walmart bag when bleaching your hair.

16. Here's some useful marriage advice:

Random Funny Meme March: Laughing at your mistakes lengthens your life. Laughing at your wife's mistakes shortens it.

17. LOL, how did they miss it?

Random Funny Meme March: When you see it... Poop House

18. This perfectly describes me:

Random Funny Meme March: I'm a person who wants to do a lot of things trapped in a body that doesn't.

19. How to beat boredom:

Random Funny Meme March: Here's an idea! If you get bored, go to Walmart and put these on people's cars.

20. There's no need to go all the way to Starbucks!

Random Funny Meme March: Instead of going to Starbucks, I make my coffee at home, yell my name out incorrectly, then light a $5 bill on fire.

21. Have you guys noticed this? OMG

Random Funny Meme March: Did it bother anyone else that the guy from the operation game was clearly awake?

22. This sign is hilarious!

Random Funny Meme March: Please don't touch yourself

23. Yup! That's the only way!

Random Funny Meme March: If you're trying to impress me with your vehicle it better be a food truck.

24. Do you REALLY need me?

Random Funny Meme March: When you finally get comfortable and someone asks you to do something that requires you to move.

25. Yikes!

Random Funny Meme March: When I remember something embarrassing I did years ago.

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