20 Toxic People I Am No Longer Allowing Into My Life

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Life’s too short, and I no longer want to waste my time around people who make me miserable.

I’m sorry. I used to have a lot of so-called friends (and family members) who I am no longer allowing into my life, family, and home. I no longer have the energy to suck it up and let them act out, hurt my feelings, insult my friends and my husband, or make a scene. Goodbye. Our time in this world is limited, and I’m done wasting it on people who make me miserable. I’ve cut them out of my life, and I strongly advise you to do the same.

1. Negative people who always complain.

Nothing satisfies them. Wherever they go, they’ll have something to complain about. Even though they have more than most people do, they always whine about not having enough. I’d rather enjoy every moment, be grateful for what I have, and appreciate the beautiful ride my life is. I’m sorry, but I no longer allow people to ruin my experiences with their constant complaints.

2. People who love to argue about everything.

Some people will look at the blue sky and insist that it’s purple, just for the fun of arguing. I am no longer young and patient, and life really is too short to waste it on dumb disputes with people who need to argue and debate everything. And you know, they don’t need me around them, either. What they really need… is each other. Find a quiet corner and argue all you want, folks. I’m gonna have some fun, instead.

3. Fake friends who only use you until someone better comes along.

I’ve always appreciated the loyalty and true friendship. I don’t need people who will fake a friendship just until they get closer to someone else. I don’t have time for that. I’m sorry, but either be a true friend or be on your way.

4. People who criticize your every move.

For some people, nothing you do is ever enough. You can have a cool idea, they’ll just label it “stupid” and carry on with their harsh judgment. I’m done trying to prove myself to people who don’t even matter. I don’t need validation from people who will only point out the faults in everything I do. I only need validation from myself. And those who cheer for me, instead of constantly bringing me down. So, goodbye and good luck! There is no room for such negativity in my life!

5. Envious people.

A little bit of jealousy is natural, normal, and even good for us if it motivates us to evolve. But when it turns into toxic envy, it becomes bad for us. It turns us into awful people. I’ve had my share of envious people who tried to bring me down, but I’m no longer allowing that behavior around me. If there is something I have that you want, I am happy to help you get it. You are jealous of my career? I’ll gladly share some tips and tricks. You want a house like mine? I’ll happily give you the number of my realtor. But please don’t go around talking behind my back about my life out of jealousy. It’s embarrassing. 

6. Narcissists.

We could write a thousand books about narcissists and we’d still not be able to cover everything. They are the most awful people in the world. Manipulative, liars, toxic individuals who will abuse you emotionally and physically to get you under their control. RUN. Because the only way to win with a narcissist is to not play. 

7. Bullies who insult you, then blame you for not knowing how to take a joke.

Do you know what a joke is? A joke is when you say something funny and we all laugh. Not when you say something hurtful, then laugh at me with your other bully friends. You’d think that bullies are something we only have to deal with as kids, but that’s so false! Even as adults, we get bullied at work, in the communities we live in, or by our so-called friends. Listen, if someone disrespects you, cut them out of your life. You deserve respect. We all do. 

8. Self-absorbed people.

You know those people who constantly interrupt you with phrases like “Yes, but I..”, “That’s nothing, here’s what happened to me”, “Oh, that reminds me about the time I…”? They must make everything about them, with no limit. I am sorry, but I no longer have the energy for that type of person. They’re so draining and exhausting. No, thanks.

9. People who refuse to take responsibility.

Here’s a lesson I’ve learned. When someone keeps going through terrible experiences, always by someone else’s fault… the problem isn’t with the world, but with them. If a person can’t keep a job for more than a month and keeps blaming bosses, coworkers, and the universe… the issue is with them. I’ve tried to help too many such people, who refuse to grow up and admit responsibility. I’m done. Life’s too short.

10. Manipulative people.

Manipulative people have no respect for your time, space, or boundaries. It doesn’t matter what you want, like, or have planned, they’ll manipulate you in order to control you into doing what they need. But you see, my time matters. Your time matters. Your boundaries matter. Your wishes matter. YOU MATTER. And none of us deserve to be walked all over, not by ‘friends’, coworkers, or family members. 

11. People who gossip and talk about you behind your back.

Some people will gossip, no matter what we do. I know who they are. I don’t even care about what they say anymore. Sometimes, I tell them wild made-up stories about me, so they look stupid when they pass on the ‘rumor’. The only way to win with gossipers is to keep them at distance and don’t waste any time listening to what they say. It doesn’t matter. They don’t matter.

12. People who only put their needs first, without ever thinking about anyone else.

Yup. I’ve had people “demand” me to care for their needs the very next day after having my chemo. Yup. Even though they knew I was sick in bed, THEIR NEEDS HAD TO BE TAKEN CARE OF. They were family. No longer are, as far as I’m concerned. And I’m not even sorry.

13. Liars.

I’ve gotten to know a few compulsive liars in this life, and while I am impressed by their ability to make-up stories, I am no longer wasting time listening to them. Sorry, but there really is better fiction … you know, in books, and movies. I don’t need lying friends.

14. Arrogant people.

There are successful people who impress… and there are arrogant people who look down on everyone else. I admire the people in the first category and avoid the ones in the second. They can just go ahead and be pretentious somewhere else.

15. People who try to control everyone and everything.

I don’t like people trying to control me and my time. I know how to compromise and I am more than happy to meet you in the middle, so we can both be happy, but don’t you try to handle me and my time. I have my own voice, I am very much capable to speak for myself, and to make my own decisions. 

16. People who always play the victim.

Guess what? No one’s life is perfect. Everyone suffers, some more than others. But I am done wasting my time on people who will act like no one has it worse than them… all the time. There are people who lost their kids, who have no place to live, who are dealing with illness or may not eat today. You not being very popular at the office are doing just fine, so drop it.

17. People who lack integrity and character.

I’m done with people who lack character. I can’t pretend to be your supportive friend when I know you’ve been cheating on your wife for the last couple of years. You can lie, deceive, and be your “lovely” self, but far away from me and my family. I don’t need that kind of person around. Sorry, not sorry.

18. Nosy people who can't mind their own business.

Ah, yes. The lovely people who can’t keep their noses out of our interesting lives. The only way to win with these people is by staying away from them. Don’t give them any info, just nod and walk away.

19. Drama queens.

I don’t have time to get involved in other people’s dramas. And some people are all about that. There are nice places to be seen, good music to be heard, and great books to be read… I’m not wasting any more time on silly dramas. Sorry.

20. Racists, homophobes, sexists, and all their other friends.

I believe in equality and everyone’s right to be. I think we are all children of the same Earth, regardless of nationality, religion, race, or sexual orientation. And I don’t want to be around people who discriminate against others. I want to be around loving, kind, nice, and accepting people.

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