20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Argue With Strangers On Social Media

Here are 20 reasons why I think you shouldn’t fight with strangers on social media. Check them out and please add yours!

I’m always so amazed to see how many people get into awful online arguments with random strangers. They invest so much energy and I’m guessing a lot of time, too, just to convince someone they don’t even know that they are wrong.

I’m not saying they aren’t, but no one ever in the history of social media, not once, has convinced a complete stranger that their beliefs, opinion, or views were wrong. Not once.

So, while it is hard to just keep scrolling when you see a comment you don’t agree with, do it anyway. Life’s too short to waste it arguing on social media. Here are 20 fun reasons why you shouldn’t argue with strangers on social media:

1. You’re probably arguing with someone who’s sitting on the toilet.
2. No one has ever changed a person’s mind with a comment on a random Facebook status.
3. Most likely, you’re gonna fight an idiot.

4. You will write things your Mom might see.
5. Even if you win the argument, there’s no actual prize.
6. In the precious time you’re wasting, you could be washing your dishes like your wife asked you to, cuddling with your husband, or simply catching a nap.
7. There will be people reading and they too are most likely sitting on the toilet.
8. No one’s paying you to waste time arguing.

9. Spending too much time on the toilet is not healthy for you.
10. If you don’t know them, why bother? If you barely know them and they’re not part of your life, why bother? If you know them, but don’t really like them, why bother? If you’re friends, argue by a beer. And if they’re family… well, wait until the holidays, you can argue live.
11. They won’t listen to your opinion, because they’re not there to hear an opposing opinion but to state theirs. And most likely, so are you.
12. People who disagree with you will read your comments, too. And they’ll be less likely to lend you money in the future.

13. The idiot you’re arguing with might attract other idiots, and they are a lot stronger in crowds.
14. Make one tiny typo or grammar mistake, and all the spectators will think you’re an idiot.
15. Politicians invest A LOT of money in their campaigns, so there’s really no reason for you to argue with others on their behalf… for free.
16. People don’t change their beliefs because someone on the internet told them to.

17. Your argument might offend someone who matters to you, like your husband’s boss, your son’s girlfriend, or your daughter’s teacher. And you’ll end up losing more than you’ve won.
18. Instead of arguing with a stranger online, you could bake some cookies, eat them, and be jolly.
19. Sometimes what you mean, what you write, and what they understand are three different things. It happened to me once: I wanted to say “you look good” on my Ex’s profile picture, and I accidentally wrote, “You ugly piece of &%*$ how could I’ve ever dated you? I must have been blind, hope you get lice”. I’m pretty sure I was misunderstood because the dumbass blocked me.
20. No one important ever reads those arguments. It’s just other idiots who spend a lot of time on the toilet.

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