20 Random Funny Memes To Start Your Week With A Laugh

Start the week with some random funny memes! Enjoy!

I hope you’ve had a great past weekend! For me, it wasn’t quite as expected, but I made it trough, like the week before… and the entire 2020: with good humor and funny jokes. I say there’s nothing we can’t do as long as we laugh while doing it.

To start this week with a beautiful smile on your face, I’ve put together a list of 20 funny memes that made me laugh. Check them out and make sure you share the fun with your friends!

1. Oh, look! An apple watch I can afford:

Funny random meme: Just got the new Apple Watch

2. And I do it every time, I think it's some kind of talent.

One of my biggest faults is that when I ask someone their name, I forget to listen to what their name is.

3. This third option sure looks way more fun!

Apparently there's a third option between burial and cremation.

4. Just for a couple of minutes... hours... meh.

When you need to clean but have no motivation so you just sit there for a while.

5. After the week I've had... a winery would do it.

I need a glass of wine. Or a bottle. Or a winery. In Italy.

6. Look! Everything's in the right place.

For a more organized home, make sure everything has a place.

7. Wow, this funny illusion messed with my brain.

That moment when you realize there's only one person in this photo.

8. I'm gonna have a 'sbeer' right now!

The best things in life begin with an S:

9. I saw a very fun party at first, LOL!

Do you remember going to raves? Me neither. This is a rug under a coffee table.

10. Drinking wine counts as fitness!

Did you know 14 muscles are activated when opening a bottle of wine? Follow me for more fitness tips.

11. Hahaha! This meme is hilarious.

Just bought a book from Ikea.

12. Watcha lookin' at?

How I behave in traffic

13. So disappointing! LMAO

Bought a chicken to make sandwiches. It doesn't. It just shits on the floor.

14. And I have the EXACT 'abs', LOL.

Me, every morning after I wake up:

15. Matching sandals for best friends!

When you and your bestie wear matching sandals:

16. Yeah, probably.

One day you'll find someone who is obsessed with you. It's probably going to be a dog. But it is what it is

17. Perfect timing!

Cat cow computer monitor funny coincidence

18. Brilliant parenting hack! I must write this down.

Dad challenges kids to draw him sleeping so he can have a nap.

19. How to convince your wife not to call you:

Whoever's wife calls first pays the bill.

20. Hahaha! I do this all the time!

When your husband tells you no, so you kinda just stare at him until he makes the right decision.

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