20 Hilarious Memes That Made My Day Today

Hilarious memes January 2021

I just hope these hilarious memes will make your day, too!

Well, 2021 hasn’t really started as expected. From where I stand, things don’t look pretty good. But, hey! We’ll just do what we always do. Make it better with humor! Humor got us through 2020, and hopefully, it will get us through 2021, too.

I hope these hilarious memes will brighten your day. Check them out, enjoy the laughs, and make sure you share the fun with your friends. After all, we all need a reason to smile these days.

1. It seems a bit unfair, but the law is the law.

Hilarious meme: Cops just left. They said if I'm gonna walk around my house naked, I have to do it inside.

2. This hilarious meme made me laugh out loud.

Hilarious meme: The chances of you being killed by a cow are small, but never zero.

3. Yeah... our world is so strange nowadays, I can't even make fun of myself.

Hilarious meme: Trying to make a joke in 2021 that won't offend anybody.

4. And where I come from... wasting beer is almost illegal.

Hilarious meme: I tried running, but I had to give it up. I kept spilling my beer.

5. All husbands will relate to this hilarious meme.

Hilarious meme: When you try to hug her, but she is still mad at you.

6. LMAO, this one's old, but pure gold!

Hilarious meme: There must be an easier way to blow up a balloon!

7. Bring your husbands inside, everyone!

Hilarious meme: If you're cold, they're cold. Bring your husband inside!

8. This hilarious meme is so accurate, LOL.

Hilarious meme: When the invite says business casual, and you don't know what that means.

9. Mary has a sick sense of humor, but I bet she sold this house.

Hilarious meme: Quiet neighborhood across the street, Mary has a dark sense of humor.

10. Monday Foursome? Any combination of men & women? WHAT?

Hilarious meme: Monday foursome bowling alley

11. And once they're charged...

Hilarious meme: Wireless doorbells siting on their chargers

12. And you don't have to help them with their homework!

Hilarious meme: I don't know why people say having a dog prepares you for having kids. Dogs eat whatever you serve them and don't force you to watch weird YouTube videos.

13. I'm usually on time, but I do have friends who are ALWAYS late.

Hilarious meme: When I'm late for a meeting

14. When you get your log cabin from Ikea. LOL!

Hilarious meme: Just bought a log cabin from Ikea.

15. I just hope people don't read it the wrong way. Yikes!

Hilarious meme: confusing sign you don't matter give up.

16. He's finally learned. I love this doggo meme.

Hilarious meme: man sits on the floor, dogs on the couch

17. Definitely a book I'm not opening. Ever.

Hilarious meme: the pop-up book of phobias

18. When you're desperate to get out of work!

Hilarious meme: When your boss asks for proof that you're at the hospital

19. Just one of the things I've learned in 2020:

Hilarious meme: I like being at home in my own little world. The real world has too many assholes.

20. Oh, yeah! Tag yours in the comment section below!

Hilarious meme: We all have that one friend who we can't put on the speakerphone.

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