20 Hilarious Coincidences That Made Me Laugh Today

These funny coincidences are almost unbelievable! Check them out and share the fun with your friends!

Sometimes, in life, you come across a coincidence that almost seems unreal. In such moments, you can’t help but wonder ‘is someone playing a prank on me?’, ‘am I dreaming?’, or ‘is this even real?’. Thankfully, we now have phones to capture these unique moments and share them with the world.

These people have captured such coincidences and they are just too funny. Check them out, share the laugh with your friends, and if you’ve lived through a similar thing yourself, share your story in the comments.

1. Wow, what were the chances? This is such a funny coincidence!

Funny hilarious coincidence men haircut on the bus

2. While sunbathing on this beach, this man noticed something odd about the nearby mountains.

Funny hilarious coincidence men belly like mountain

3. That awkward moment when you wear the same outfit as the traffic cones.

Funny hilarious coincidence men dressed like traffic cone

4. When you're riding the bus and can't help but wonder if you're drunk.

Funny hilarious coincidence women same hair on bus

5. This one of my favorite hilarious coincidences in this list. I want that T-shirt, too!

Funny hilarious coincidence t shirt bite boob

6. What were the chances to see this funny coincidence in traffic?

Funny hilarious coincidence car plates peekaboo I see you

7. There must be a story here! Too funny!

Funny hilarious coincidence half truck

8. OMG, Taylor Swift is everywhere! So funny!

Funny hilarious coincidence taylor swift trucks

9. Now, this can't be a coincidence. It's just too good!

Funny hilarious coincidence marriage slavery book aisle

10. When you place your phone on the table and it just... fits.

Funny hilarious coincidence phone case like table

11. This funny coincidence says it's not a coincidence. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Funny hilarious coincidence this is not a coincidence newspaper stack

12. That awesome moment when you and your Uber driver are dressed EXACTLY the same. They even wear similar shoes, OMG!

Funny hilarious coincidence uber driver dressed the same as customer

13. So funny! I know it's childish, but I really can't stop laughing about this.

Funny hilarious coincidence gross butt football players

14. This is such a hilarious coincidence! I wonder if this lady knew.

Funny hilarious coincidence the great cover up newspaper woman breasts

15. I wonder if these guys know their hoodies read 'cookie monster'. They either did this on purpose, or it's too good of a coincidence.

Funny hilarious coincidence cookie monster shirts

16. You may not see it in the beginning, but I'll drop you a hint. In this picture, there are two elephants.

Funny hilarious coincidence elephant water splash

17. This guy named Ken found a Ken doll that looked just like him.

Funny hilarious coincidence men named ken buys doll looking like him

18. That awkward moment when you look just like that guy in the picture at the doctor's office.

Funny hilarious coincidence men looks exactly like the guy on doctor's office

19. Three identical ugly cars parked in front of the same building... which has the same ugly color as the cars. Wow.

Funny hilarious coincidence identic cars

20. At first I thought I'm seeing triple. LOL, such a funny coincidence.

Funny hilarious coincidence men sleeping

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