100 Reasons To Be GRATEFUL Today

reasons to be grateful

If you have at least half of the things on this list, you truly are blessed.

I think one of the reasons we are unhappy is that instead of being grateful for everything we have, we focus on what we lack. Lately, I have started to practice gratitude more, and I have become a lot more positive. I realized how blessed I am, even though I have my own troubles. 

I have started a new project – The Gratitude Page – where I post a thought of gratitude every day. You are welcome to join us! Until then, here are 100 reasons to be grateful today:

1. Family

2. Good health

3. The roof over your head

4. Friends

5. The food on your table

6. A good relationship

7. Your character

8. Parents

9. Love

10. The pace in your family

11. Waking up this morning

12. True friendship

13. Kindness

14. A loving home

15. Surviving the pandemic

16. Your pets

17. A good marriage

18. Children

19. Healing

20. The lessons you’ve learned in your life

21. Intelligence

22. Being part of a community

23. Generosity

24. Forgiveness

25. Your career

26. Family traditions

27. Spring

28. Having a supportive partner

29. This beautiful day

30. Your life, with its ups and downs

31. Loyalty

32. Grandchildren

33. Being able to hug your loved ones

34. The peace in your country

35. Your Mother’s love

36. A trustworthy friend

37. Who you are

38. The strong women in your family

39. Your partner

40. Childhood

41. Education

42. Inner strength

43. Grandparents

44. New beginnings

45. Friendships that last forever

46. Your angels in Heaven

47. Flowers

48. This beautiful world

49. Affording food

50. Good coffee

51. Overcoming the storms in your life

52. Falling in love

53. Your siblings

54. Everything your Mom has taught you

55. Doctors and nurses

56. Friends who become family

57. The peace in your soul

58. The beautiful places you had the privilege of seeing

59. Miracles

60. Growing up in simpler times

61. Cutting ties with someone who has hurt you

62. Breakfast

63. Success

64. Seeing your loved ones happy

65. Today

66. Special moments spent with friends

67. The privilege of growing old

68. Teachers

69. Someone who makes you laugh

70. Second chances

71. Your safety

72. Being brave

73. Positive thinking

74. Freedom

75. Respect

76. Everything you have

77. Clean clothes

78. Water

79. A faithful partner

80. Acceptance

81. Growing old together with someone you love

82. Plants

83. Leaving the past behind

84. Sunny days

85. Your sense of humor

86. Your integrity

87. Good books

88. Chocolate

89. Technology

90. Family gatherings

91. Easter

92. Your Dad’s love

93. Being able to pay your bills

94. Someone who always has your back

95. Good wine

96. Finding your soulmate

97. Electricity

98. Inner peace

99. A stranger being nice to you

100. Good neighbors

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