10 Magical Things That Only Happen When You Visit Grandma’s House

Granma's house is magical

Grandma’s house is magical! Here are 10 things that only happen when you visit Grandma’s house!

Grandma says you're too skinny

1. You become too skinny.

Regardless of your weight, no matter how you feel about your body, at Grandma’s house you are too skinny. It’s something that magically happens when you enter the door. You just lose a lot of weight. Thank God Grandma’s there and she feeds you before you go, so the wind won’t blow you away.

2. You are the most gorgeous person in the world.

You can look in the mirror and see a wrinkle, a pimple, eyes that are too small, or a nose that’s too big. But when Grandma sees you, all your flaws disappear and you instantly become the most gorgeous being in the whole world. This happens to everyone, ask any grandma!

3. Whatever happened, whatever you've done, it was not your fault and you are not to blame.

Whatever happens, Grandma is always on your side. You kicked someone? They probably deserved it. You said some bad words? They must have asked for it. You could kill someone and Grandma would still have your back!

4. The most delicious food magically appears in front of you.

And it’s magical food because you don’t get fat from it, even though you could use some extra pounds since you’re too skinny. 

5. Hard candies magically appear in grandma's pockets the minute you enter the door.

You might think Grandma buys these, but no, she doesn’t. Have you ever seen this type of candy at the store? No, you haven’t. Because it can’t be bought. It magically appears in your pocket when you become a Grandma.

6. No matter how much you've eaten that day, everything is erased and you instantly become under-fed and hungry.

Your mind is telling you “You’ve already eaten, you can’t be hungry”, but your heart and body disagree. You can eat a ton of food, at Grandma’s house you can eat some more. And do you know why? Grandma’s house is magical and when you go there, all the calories you’ve eaten that day are erased.

7. The second a child enters Grandma's house, their mother instantly loses all her powers.

Grandma is Mother’s kryptonite. She has no power when her child is at Grandma’s. Don’t believe me? Show me a Mom who can ground her kid at Grandma’s house. I dare you!

8. All the rules become inactive and you can, should, and will eat the dessert before the food.

No sugar rule? No dessert before you finish your veggies? No eating in front of the TV? No ice cream at breakfast? Are you kidding me? These rules don’t apply at Grandma’s house, everyone knows that.

9. Money magically appears in your hand and you're not supposed to tell anyone about it.

Grandma always has a dollar for you, for ice cream, chocolate, and later in life, to buy yourself something nice. And you should never ever tell grandpa or your Mom.

10. Grandma instantly becomes young.

Grandma instantly becomes young and suddenly has no problem running or playing hide and seek. Nothing hurts when the grandkids are there. Grandma’s house is magical!

Ok, fine. I’ll admit it. I lied. It’s not her house that’s magical, but Grandma’s unconditional love for her grandkids. If you agree, share this message with all your friends.

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