10 Funny Memes To Brighten Your Week

Funny Memes
Funny Memes

Here’s a selection of funny memes and images to start your week with a smile on your face! Enjoy the laugh and share the fun with your friends!

We need a good laugh every day, especially during these hard times. Whenever we turn on the TV and everywhere we look on the internet, all we see is politics or bad news. We don’t need that negativity in our lives! So let’s have some fun instead. Here are 10 funny pictures to brighten your day. If you enjoy them, follow us on social media and share the fun with your friends! Let’s fill the internet with humor, laughs, and good vibes only!

1. This funny parrot takes social distancing very seriously!

“Ma’am, please maintain social distancing.” With this pandemic going on, we all have to learn to maintain social distancing. Even the birds are keeping their distance!

2. This girl has two passions: cannabis and horses. Yes, horses.

Nice horse you got there, Julia! At least we know her cannabis is good quality.

3. If 2020 was a slide, it would look exactly like this:

2020 was an awful year for so many of us. If it were a slide, it would look exactly like this!

4. The kids have given up because Grandma always wins at hide and seek!

Funny, Grandma! She does have a sense of humor, I must say.

5. So, what special skills do you have?

Look, a turtle! So hilarious! I love the tail, it’s such a funny detail! Do you have a special skill? Share it in the comments!

6. They said we should use alcohol against COVID-19.

To be safe from the new corona virus, experts say we should use alcohol while cleaning our houses. I tried it, but it’s really hard to get things done after a couple of glasses!

7. Never buy a dog when you’re drunk. Or anything else!

Shopping while you’re drunk never ends well! Especially when you’re trying to get a pet, LOL. Nice dog, though! I guess you’ve been smoking Julia’s cannabis, too!

8. They look like they’re having a lot of fun in their vacation!

Since traveling was banned for humans, dogs went on vacation on their own. And as we can see, they had a lot of fun! Hopefully, we’ll be the ones traveling next year. Fingers crossed!

9. If “I know someone cheaper” were a picture:

“I don’t need to hire a professional, my cousin can do it!”. I’ve learned it the hard way: the cheaper option ends up costing you a lot more, eventually. Just hire a professional, always!

10. It may seem impossible, but rules are rules!

I’m not sure who placed the ‘Please stand here’ sticker, but it seems pretty difficult! Yikes! I feel sorry for the person cleaning this restroom.

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