10 Funny 2020 Themed Christmas Ornaments You Can Actually Buy

These Christmas ornaments look so fun!

I chuckled a little when I first saw the ornament with Santa wearing a mask, but then I saw there was a whole bunch of 2020 themed Christmas ornaments. Wow. Why would you want to remember 2020? I thought at first. But then again, how could we ever forget? And I think it’s nice that people see the positive aspects of 2020: “I’ve survived the toilet paper crisis”. LOL.

I usually decorate my Christmas tree by color, so I don’t normally put up funny ornaments, or figurines to mark a certain event. But I think it’s a great idea to hang a Christmas ornament marking an event that’s happened that year. The only time I got one such ornament was the year I got married, and it was handmade, saying “Our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs.”.

I’ve selected the best 2020 Christmas ornaments I found on amazon and even added a link under each picture, so you can actually get them. Do you have any ornaments that are special for you? We’d love to see them! Share a picture in the comments!

1. Here's a funny Christmas tree ornament for those who survived the great toilet paper crisis.

You can get the toilet paper ornament here: amzn.to/3m630sP

2. Of course Santa's gonna wear a mask! It's 2020!

You can get the Santa ornament here: amzn.to/3gzXM7f 

3. This set of ornaments is what 2020 was all about: bleach, mask, toilet paper.

You can get this set here: amzn.to/3m6PGEi

4. The Santa in this Christmas ornament is sooo 2020!

You can get this ornament here: amzn.to/37JTQgc

5. This tiny toilet paper pack ornament is so funny. LOL, they even mention 'the great crisis'.

You can get the toilet paper ornament here: amzn.to/37JU4UA

6. I laughed out loud when I saw this. Someone thought about making a Dr. Fauci Christmas tree ornament, can you believe it? LMAO

You can get the Dr. Fauci ornament here: amzn.to/3gxzKKh

7. No one would have thought about making a hand sanitizer Christmas tree ornament before 2020!

You can get the hand sanitizer ornament here: amzn.to/3gwnPMT

8. LMAO, they put little masks on the Wise Men, and they're holding 2020 themed gifts. This is too funny!

You can get this funny Christmas tree ornament here: amzn.to/3oEX5wj

9. This would make a great gift for all the heroes who fought this war in the first line. I think it's a nice way to say 'Thank you'.

You can get this nice Christmas tree ornament here: amzn.to/37V9khy

10. Yes, this pretty much sums up 2020!

You can get this 2020 Christmas ornament here: amzn.to/37V9khy

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