10 Christmas Gifts You Don’t Want To Get For Your Wife

Guys, I know it’s hard to get a Christmas present for your wife. I hope this helps.

I’ve put together a list of 10 things you shouldn’t buy for your wife this Christmas, or any other occasion. I know you’re going shopping for her gift soon, so I hope this list helps.

1. Things that are, in fact, 'for the house'.

Like a toaster, a clothes iron, an iron board, a blender, and other stuff that are not really for her. You might think her hobbies are ironing your shirts and making everyone breakfast every morning, but they are probably not.

2. Wrinkle cream or anything related to growing old.

If you want to tell you’re wife she’s old, just put it on a T-shirt. Wrinkle cream, anti-aging treatment, or whatever devices you find will get you in trouble. At least a T-shirt might be funny.

3. Unsolicited weight loss objects.

Oh my God, don’t get her anything like that if you enjoy being alive. Not pills, not exercising stuff, or books about diets. Nothing like that.

4. Things that are for both of you, but mostly you.

Like that soundbar you’ve been meaning to get for you know… both of you… mostly you. When she says you being happy is the best gift for her, she is probably being sarcastic.

5. Pets.

The one and only occasion you buy anyone a pet, it’s when you do it for your kids AFTER you’ve discussed it with your wife. Or do you think she wants an extra soul to clean after? Has she ever said -with words- ‘this house is not messy enough’?

6. Stuffed toys.

What is she, 3? Those were funny when you were in high school, and you’d mostly gift them as a joke.

7. Clothes.

Just don’t. You won’t get it right. The only way this ends well is if you give her your credit card, take her to her favorite store and let her shop for as long as she wants without asking ‘how much longer is this going to last?’.

8. Things that are mostly for the kids.

You know, even if women become Moms, they don’t stop being women. If you buy your wife toys for the kids, a baby carrier, or diapers, she won’t throw them at you… but she won’t be happy either. And you want her to be excited, right?

9. Cleaning supplies.

Cleaning after you guys isn’t her hobby, either. So don’t get her any things related to cleaning the house. Unless it’s a really cool vacuum cleaner, then, in this case, don’t even think about it. Just don’t.

10. Cooking supplies.

Not a great idea. Again, this wouldn’t be for her. Don’t get her pans, knives, and any other things she might throw at you.

But what then?

Listen. Just listen. Your wife has probably told you already what she wants. We know that husbands have a hard time picking the right gift, so we always leave small clues around the house. 

If you’ve noticed your wife has been leaving several jewelry magazines everywhere, it doesn’t mean she needs a magazine rack. (It’s the jewelry.) If she happened to mention a few times that her watch is broken… you can get her a new one. If she’s been complaining about her old phone… you get it. You do get it, right? All you need to do is listen.

And if she explicitly told you she wants a cool vacuum cleaner, you listen to her, not the Internet. 

Hope this helped! Good luck!

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