10 Amazing Body Hacks That Actually Work

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These ten body hacks and health tips have been tested and they work. Check them out!

Every family probably has a ‘home remedy’ for physical conditions that don’t necessarily require medical attention. For instance, I remember that when I was a kid and had a nosebleed, the trick to stop it was holding a hand up in the air. Or, for a minor skin burn, the remedy was raw egg yolk.

All families have such health hacks that don’t quite work.
Luckily, we now have the internet, so we can just google “How to stop a nose bleed”, and find out the correct thing to do when dealing with a bloody nose. Read this and nine more amazing health hacks in the list below.

1. A body hack to stop leg cramps at night:

Body hack: how to stop leg cramp.
Photo: medicalnewstoday.com

This body hack really works. When you get an annoying leg cramp at night and feel like screaming, extend your leg straight and pull your toes toward the knee. This movement will stretch your calf and immediately release the cramp.

What’s up with these leg cramps? Why do they occur? Annoying as they are, leg cramps can be a sign of low mineral levels in your body. You can be lacking magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium. Dehydration, poor blood circulation, vitamin deficiencies, or tense muscles are other possible causes.

If you’re often dealing with leg cramps during the night, you might want to get some blood tests done and see whether you’re dealing with any deficiencies.

2. How to stop your gag reflex:

Body hack: how to get rid of gag reflex.
Photo: bouncymustard.com

This body hack will come in very handy if you have a sensitive gag reflex and you need to see a dentist or brush your back molars. First of all, you should know you’re not alone. This issue is pretty common. Also, there’s nothing physically wrong with you. In most cases, a sensitive gag reflex can be tied to anxiety and stress.

However, there’s also a quick, simple trick to get rid of the gag reflex immediately: Squeeze your thumb – it will put pressure on a point in the palm of your hand that controls the gag reflex.

Many people are dealing with a sensitive gag reflex caused by stress or anxiety and may not even realize there’s a connection between the two. Try to clear your head, redirect your focus, and focus on your breathing. To keep your mind from the sensation, try counting the objects you see around you or listing countries in alphabetical order.

3. How to prevent a sneeze:

Body hack: how to prevent a sneeze.
Photo: healthline.com

This health trick will come in handy especially now when no one wants to sneeze in public and attract all the looks. So here’s how to prevent sneezing: press your tongue firmly against the back of your teeth. It will stop a sneeze.

However, while sneezing in public isn’t great, neither is dealing with the annoying sneeze that just won’t happen. So, if you feel like sneezing but you kinda need to force it, just look toward the sun or any bright light for a few seconds.

4. How to prevent acid reflux at night:

Body hack: how to prevent acid reflux heartburn at night.
Photo: badgut.org

Here’s another health trick that will help you sleep well at night. It’s very uncomfortable to go to bed and not be able to sleep due to acid reflux. To prevent heartburn, at night, sleep on your left side.

When you lie on your right side, your stomach is positioned higher than your esophagus, which facilitates acid reflux. When you sleep on the left side, the stomach is below your esophagus, which makes heartburn more difficult.

5. How to hold back tears:

Body hack: how to keep yourself from crying.

This body hack is helpful for the moments when you don’t want to cry, even though you feel like it. For instance, at a wedding where they take pictures and you know the crying will ruin your make up.

So, if you feel like crying but don’t really want to, hold your eyes open without blinking. If it doesn’t stop, try looking upward. Focus on your breathing and count to ten.

6. How to prevent a yawn:

Body hack: how to prevent a yawn.
Photo: quickmeme.com

Memorize this body hack for the upcoming work meetings, dates, or parent-teacher conferences. You can stop a yawn by touching the tip of your tongue, as your mouth opens. Only apply this trick if your hands are sanitized, ok?

7. How to prevent blisters when you burn your finger:

Body hack: how to treat finger minor burn.
Photo: medicalnewstoday.com

Every family has a list of ‘home remedies’ for when you burn your fingers on a hot pan. Egg yolk, olive oil, salt, are just some of the ‘natural’ remedies for minor burns.

The first and best thing you can do is put your hand in ice, or ice-cold water. Also, applying pressure against the palm of your other hand can help prevent the burn from turning into a blister.

You can apply oil, salt, egg yolk, or aloe, but only after you’ve held your hand in ice first.

8. How to stop hiccups immediately:

Body hack: drink water upside down to stop hiccups immediately.
Photo: famlii.com

This is a trick to stop hiccups immediately: drink water upside down.
Fill a glass with water and hold the far edge of the glass against the bottom of your lip. Bend forward and drink the water so it runs over the upper palate of your mouth. This hiccup remedy works, I’ve tested it myself.

9. How to cool down instantly:

Body hack: how to cool down your body  instantly.
Photo: decleor.co.uk

This body trick works great during the summer when the temperatures are high, or after you’ve made a lot of physical effort and you need to cool down. Place your wrists under ice-cold water or put an ice cube on your wrists and your body will cool down instantly.

10. How to instantly stop a nose bleed:

Photo: healthblog.uofmhealth.org

To stop a bloody nose, lean forward and stay upright. Don’t tilt your head, don’t lie flat. Don’t stick tissues, tampons, and other objects in your nose. Tilt your head forward, pinch your nostrils together, and keep applying pressure for 10-15 minutes.

Don’t stop applying pressure to check if the bleeding has stopped. If the bleeding is very heavy, accompanied by other symptoms, or it hasn’t stopped after 30 minutes, seek immediate medical help.

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