Who Remembers When Christmas Looked Like This?

Christmas was so different when we were kids. Can you remember?

Sometimes I get the feeling Christmas uses to be less about shopping and more about the family. Maybe that’s because I was a kid, and grown-ups did the shopping? Could be. But still, I feel that we enjoyed the simpler things.

Nowadays, kids get expensive gadgets under the tree, while I would always get clothes and maybe a doll. Or, maybe that’s just how I remember it. What I do know for sure is that Santas looked terribly scary when I was a kid. I’m so grateful they now wear proper beards and costumes!

1. Who remembers when Christmas trees looked like this? In the past, we didn't have plastic trees, lights, and tinsel. A LOT of tinsel.

Vintage Christmas tree

2. While we didn't have plastic Christmas trees, some people had trees made of tinsel.

Vintage Christmas family photo

3. And back in the day, Christmas tree ornaments looked like this:

Vintage Christmas tree ornaments

4. On Christmas Eve, siblings would put on matching pajamas!

Vintage pajamas Christmas tree

5. And among other gifts, there was always a toy train under the Christmas tree.

Vintage Christmas tree toy train

6. Everyone dressed up nicely for the Christmas family. Even though it was just us, and we were at home... we'd always put on our best clothes.

Vintage Christmas family dinner

7. Remember when towns were decorated like this for Christmas?

Vintage Christmas town lights

8. And when Santas looked like... this? Wow, they were creepy!

Vintage Santa Claus

9. All the kids posed like this with their gifts, in front of the Christmas tree!

Vintage Christmas siblings photo

10. Do you remember caroling for Christmas?

Christmas caroling

2020 is the first year I’m not going caroling and it breaks my heart. This is a life-long tradition for me, my family, and friends and whatever happened, we’ve never missed it. Never. This is the first year we won’t be able to make it happen. Each year, our group gets together and we go caroling all night on Christmas Eve. Yes, night. We visit everyone’s parents and grandparents, and at each house, we share stories, sing, eat and drink, and give the host our best wishes for the following year.

What is the Christmas tradition in your family? Share your stories in the comments!

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