TOP 30 Hilarious Memes That Made Us Laugh In MAY

TOP 30 Hilarious Memes That Made Us Laugh In MAY

Check out this month’s best memes and share the fun with your friends!

My dear friends with a neat sense of humor, here are the most hilarious memes that made us laugh this month. Check them out and make sure you pass them on to someone who could use a reason to laugh today.

1. Two priests?! It must be really bad!

Funny meme may You know it's bad when the mechanic calls in two priests

2. The best parenting tip ever!

Funny meme may If your kids are scared of ghosts, tell them they can vacuum them up and have them clean the house to get rid of them.

3. Just missed it!

Funny Meme May I almost saw a vampire this morning.

4. We do need that nap, though...

Funny Meme May We may not party like we used to, but if we take a nap, we can stay up till dark!

5. You have to adapt...

Funny Meme May When someone buys you a bath bomb and you only have a shower.

6. Who doesn't love bacon?

Funny Meme May I may not be good-looking, athletic, funny, talented, or smart... I forgot where I was going with this, but I do know that I love bacon.

7. And you can discover a different talent every time you drink!

Funny Meme May Everyone has a hidden talent they don't know about until tequila is poured.

8. That's how rumors get started.

Funny Meme May And suddenly, Bob found himself the topic of all the office gossip.

9. Finally! Someone said what we've been all thinking!

Funny Meme May It had to be said!

10. I'd do anything to avoid taking a second trip.

Funny Memes Legends carry all the bags in one trip.

11. I read mine, it was devastating.

Funny Meme May Did you know? If you clean the pile of receipts in your purse and stack them together, it makes a tiny book about why you're broke.

12. I finally found a diet that works for me.

Funny Meme May My liquid diet is going great! After 5 glasses of wine, I no longer care how fat I am.

13. This dog looks like a lot of fun!

Funny Meme May I don't know who this dog is or why he's banned from the park, but he certainly seems like a lot of fun.

14. I was shocked!

Funny Meme May I finally found out who's been spending all my money.

15. This dog is such a good dancer!

Funny Meme May Always Dance like nobody's watching.

16. True story!

Funny Meme May It turns out that as you get older, you don't actually figure anything out. You just don't have the energy to care anymore.

17. Here's some gardening advice:

Funny Gardening Memes When you plant a puppy, make sure you choose a container that can comfortably accommodate the full-grown dog.

18. Every time!

Funny Grilling Memes My neighbors when I start the grill.

19. "Ten more minutes, pleaaase!"

Funny Memes When you're out with your friends and your wife says it's time to go home.

20. This probably works...

Funny Memes If you can't afford an ancestry DNA kit, post on Facebook that you won the lottery. You'll find out immediately who all your relatives are.

21. This is so funny!

Funny Memes Cop: "Do you know why I pulled you over?" Driver: "Yes, but unfortunately that's not a real don

22. This cat really messed with my brain!

Funny Memes I have to stop drinking. I thought this cat had a hole in it.

23. Here's a way to save money!

Funny Memes Did you know? You can save a lot of money on car insurance by switching to bubble wrap.

24. Very clever....

Funny Memes Whoever snuck the s in "fast food" was a clever little bastard.

25. I've always wanted to grow my own food...

Funny Memes I started my garden and the beefsteak seeds have already sprouted:

26. It takes a while to figure out how everything works.

27. What?!

Funny Memes When you unplug the WIfi box and hear "WTF" from across the street.

28. Be nice to everyone, not just your hairstylist.

Funny Memes Be nice to your hairstylist because what's stopping them from plucking one of your hairs and planting it at a crime scene? Nothing.

29. Who doesn't love that feeling?

Funny Memes The awesome feeling when you come out of the salon with a new look:

30. We'll all be walking around in our pajamas.

Funny Memes Returning to the office after working from home for a year.

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