TOP 30 Best Memes That Made Us Laugh In APRIL

I used to make fun of my parents for going to bed at 9:30, and now I wonder how they managed to stay up so late.

These are the funniest memes we liked and shared this month. Check them out and share the fun with your friends!

April was a fun month. Spring came, then winter came back, and then spring came back, except for that day when it snowed. We enjoyed it, but not as much as we enjoyed these hilarious memes. Check out the best memes that made us laugh in April.

1. This is so funny!

Funny meme april old ladies flash drivers accident

2. Just like dominoes.

Funny meme april dominoes scooters domino effect

3. Not much has changed. We're just fatter.

Funny spring meme: 2020 vs 2021

4. Who doesn't love the weather in April?

Funny Spring Meme I'm ready for the rest of this week! I have my umbrella, my flip-flops, my mittens, my suntan lotion, my winter coat, my sunglasses, my thermals, my iced tea, and my hot chocolate.

5. Check out my cute plant!

Funny meme april When the landlord says 'no dogs allowed'

6. Online shopping:

Funny meme april When you see it online vs when it arrives:

7. It's true!

Funny meme april Before social media, this is how we knew where everybody was.

8. Be cool, be cool!

Funny meme april When you're high in public and you're trying to look normal.

9. You'd better start working, kiddo!

Funny meme When employers want you to have 10 years of experience before the age of 22.

10. I remember this, because I was a remote control, too.

Funny meme Rare photo of a TV remote control from the '70s.

11. This is a very good reason!

Funny meme Good to know!

12. Last year I almost got in shape, I don't wanna risk it.

Funny meme I know I need to get back in shape, but I'm still waiting to see if the world is going to end before I put any real effort into it.

13. This funny meme perfectly sums up what spring is all about.

Funny meme Welcome to spring. Where no matter what jacket you pick, you're wrong.

14. I really have to buy more calming ingredients.

Funny meme I wanted to make myself a calming tea, but I realized I'm out of vodka.

15. Seriously, I even bought my ticket.

Funny meme This is how ready I am.

16. I still haven't built up the courage to do this.

Funny Spring Meme trying on summer clothes

17. I think this is a great idea!

Funny meme When I die, I want to be cremated and put into an hourglass, so I can still be included in family game night.

18. This is just one of my superpowers!

Funny meme My superpower is meeting new people, then instantly forgetting their names.

19. Good morning!

Funny meme When you have whiskey for breakfast.

20. They should start making these!

Funny meme A really smart TV would increase volume when you started eating chips.

21. Every single night...

Funny meme Trying to stay sleepy when I go to the bathroom at 3 AM.

22. They were party animals!

Funny meme I used to make fun of my parents for going to bed at 9:30, and now I wonder how they managed to stay up so late.

23. Spring rolls, yay!

Finally, my winter fat is gone. Now I have spring rolls.

24. And I don't like to spill my wine.

Funny Spring Meme The worst part about allergies is spilling my wine when I sneeze.

25. The game no one ever wins.

Funny Spring Meme It's time for everyone's favorite springtime game: Guess how deep that pothole really is.

26. This is the definition of true love.

Funny meme True love is...Getting fat together.

27. Every time I plan to sleep in...

Funny meme The birds outside, when I'm trying to sleep longer on weekends.

28. This stage is so much better!

Funny meme april I've passed the 'old enough to know better' stage and have moved right into the 'who gives a damn?' stage.

29. Hilarious!

Funny meme april I'm about to pull the steaks off the grill. It's not my grill, but my neighbor went inside and there's no way he can see me.

30. When this is all over, we're all going to look pretty funny.

Funny meme april Coming out of quarantine wearing all the new stuff we bought on Amazon.

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