These 25 Garden Signs Are So Funny And Creative!

Funny Creative Garden Signs

If you like gardening, you must check out these funny garden signs! They are so cool!

A garden is not just someplace where we grow tomatoes. It’s a tiny oasis where we go to clear our mind, deal with the stress, and solve all our problems. Kinda like therapy, except you get a bunch of flowers and veggies at some point. That, if you’re a good gardener, of course. If you like both gardening and humor, check out these funny signs that would go perfectly in your garden. Let me know which one you liked best!

1. This sign is hilarious!

Funny Garden Sign Your Feet Are Killing Me

2. LOL!

Funny Garden Sign Grow Damn It

3. It happens to all of us!

Funny Garden Sign I tried But It Died

4. Hahaha! So funny!

Funny Garden Sign A dirty hoe is a happy hoe

5. This is what happens when you get excited!

Funny Garden Sign It's spring. We got so excited we wet our plants

6. I love this garden sign!

Funny Garden Sign You grow girls

7. Great idea!

Funny Garden Sign Naughty children will be used as weed pickers

8. While you wait, pull some weeds.

Funny Garden Sign ring bell, if no answer, pull weeds

9. I need several signs like this one!

Funny Garden Sign I don't remember planting this

10. This garden sign is hilarious!

Funny Garden Sign trespassers will be composted

11. When you're a creative gardener with a great sense of humor:

Funny Garden Sign Gardener wanted must look good bending over

12. All gardeners should have this funny sign!

Funny Garden Sign Exotic herbs they just look like weeds

13. So funny!

Funny Garden Sign Plantus Unkownus

14. Check out this creative idea!

Funny Garden Sign To weed or not to weed that is the garden

15. You should get a smart stone for your garden!

Funny Garden Sign smart rock if this rock is we it's raining.

16. When you like gardening, but you also like jokes:

Funny Garden Sign Frog parking only all others will be toad

17. This might work...

Funny Garden Sign free weeds pull your own

18. They do, it's true...

Funny Garden Sign gardeners know all the dirt

19. I love this idea! So creative!

Funny Garden Sign You are now entering a stress free zone

20. Not sure about the "cheaper" part, but you do get tomatoes.

Funny Garden Sign Gardening... heaper than therapy and you get tomatoes

21. This could be your next DIY project!

Funny Garden Sign garden of weeden

22. It's a commitment!

Funny Garden Sign Do you gardener take this garden to weed from this day forth?

23. If you usually fight the lawn and lose, you could use this sign.

Funny Garden Sign I fought the lawn and the lawn won/

24. I hope snails can read!

Funny Garden Sign Yuk go away snails!

25. So creative!

Funny Garden Sign Life's a garden, dig it!

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