Tears Have Never Been A Sign Of Weakness

Tears have never been a sign of weakness. If anything, they’re a sign of strength.

A few days ago, my mind went back to a sad day a few years back, when I attended the funeral of someone I loved, along with my family. It was hard to say goodbye, we were all sad, and naturally, at some point, I felt tears running down my cheeks. My grandma took my hand and said “We’re strong. We don’t cry”.

I’ve always admired her strength. She’s one tough woman, and one the smartest people I know. I never questioned her words. I wiped my tears and hid my face, so I wouldn’t make everyone else cry, too. Because we’re all supposed to be strong. And strong people don’t cry, right?

Well, after some years, a terrible fight against cancer, and many tears, now I know she wasn’t right. Tears have never been a sign of weakness. If anything, they’re a sign of strength.

We come into this world crying. Healthy babies, the first thing they do when they step into this world is cry. And that’s no sign of weakness. Oh, no. It means that the baby is alive, healthy, strong, and ready to begin experiencing all the wonders and challenges life has to offer.

As children, we communicate our needs through crying. We cry when we miss Mommy, which is the purest sign of love. And someone who needs a hug from the person they love the most isn’t weak, but human.

We cry on the happiest days of our lives. Seeing our parents, as we walk down the aisle, looking at the person we’re going to marry… In those beautiful moments, it’s hard to hold back those tears, which are a sign of so much happiness. So much love. 

When a mother holds her baby for the first time. When he finally proposes. When we see our kids get married and start families of their own. When they graduate. When they turn out to be great people. These moments often come with tears of joy, and they have never been a sign of weakness.

When someone we love passes, we don’t cry because we are weak. We cry because we love and miss them. Because we now have to learn to live without them, and it’s the hardest thing we’ve ever done. We still have hugs and kisses to give, and there’s no one to receive them. But even though our heart is broken, we keep going. We keep loving them. And that, my friends, is strength. To keep loving someone who isn’t here to be loved anymore takes a lot of strength.

When the doctors gave me the diagnosis, I didn’t cry a tear. I kept calm, wrote down everything, and said “It’s ok, I’ve got this.” What made me cry was the infinite support I received from my husband, family, and dear friends. Every time the phone rang with someone saying “Whatever you need, I’m here for you”, I cried because I realized just how blessed I was to have such an army of angels beside me. I wasn’t weak, but thankful. And touched.

I fought this battle like a badass and kicked cancer in the ass, with confidence and, honestly, with lots of laughs. And I did break down crying one day. It was the day they told me it was over. And after everything I’d been through, these weren’t any tears of weakness, because that day I was the strongest person in the world. It was me winning. It was me, beginning a new life with a cry, just like on my first birthday.

And in this new life, I no longer hold in tears, even if it means ruining my makeup. I’m crying in all the photos, now, especially at weddings, birthdays, and other happy occasions. I’m strong enough to show my feelings, and my love. And that’s what I wish for all of you. Thank you for reading this, sending you all my love!

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