Take A Break And Enjoy These Hilarious Memes

These hilarious memes will put you in a good mood! Take a break and enjoy a good laugh.

It’s the last weekend before Christmas and you’re probably super busy with the preparations. The cleaning, the cooking, wrapping up the presents, realizing you forgot to order that gift for your friend. It’s the same in all houses.

I haven’t even put up the decorations, and the tree… well, about the tree… to be honest, I still haven’t taken it down since last year. I was going to do it, but then the pandemic came and seeing it brought me joy. Then the summer came, so I just moved it into another room. I kept postponing it until October and then I figured there’s no point in taking down the ornaments just to put them back up after a couple of months.

Anyway, if you’re going through the same Christmas prep chaos as I am, I’m asking you to sit down, take a break, catch your breath and have a laugh. 5 minutes break, you deserve it! Enjoy!

1. Maybe Santa doesn't know everything! I sure hope so!

Funny hilarious Christmas meme: Dear Santa, before I explain, how much do you know already?

2. I think we can all relate to this hilarious meme. 2020 was rough on everyone.

Funny hilarious 2020 meme: How was your year

3. See what happens when you drink and prime? Hilarious!

Funny hilarious meme: Don't drink and prime.

4. Take this quick and funny eye test to see if there's anything wrong with you... or maybe there's something missing in your life?

Funny hilarious meme: If you can't see the number funny eye test

5. Diets are so hard. I started a diet yesterday, thank God that's over!

Funny hilarious meme: I ate a donut without sprinkles. Diets are hard.

6. What Secret Santa really means:

Funny hilarious Christmas meme: I snuck into my neighbor's house last night and ate up all their Christmas cookies. This secret Santa thing isn't so bad after all.

7. This funny meme made me laugh out loud. Hilarious!

Funny hilarious meme: When you're trying to enjoy Grand Canyon, but they're faking the Mars landing.

8. Now I understand why decaffeinated coffee tastes so, so bad.

Funny hilarious meme: What's the diffeerence between regular and decaf coffee? Decat coffee is made from dirt.

9. His request makes perfect sense, and I say: go with the black one. It matches your watch and makes your eyes pop.

Funny hilarious meme: Help me buy a purse for my wife.

10. Good idea! I think I'm getting coal, too. Let's all get together!

Funny Christmas hilarious meme: For anybody else that's getting coal for Christmas, maybe we can link up and get the grill going or something.

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