4 Life Aspects That Used To Be So Much Simpler

Back in the day

I am blessed to have lived when things were so much simpler. Friendship was real back in my day. We truly respected our parents and grandparents. The family was something sacred. We were able to discuss, even though we disagreed. And forgiveness came so much easier.

1. Childhood was so much simpler when we were kids.

Back in the day Sometimes I wish I could just rewind back to the old days and press pause... Just for a little while. Positive quote

We used to eat dirt and play with all the kids on the block. If someone ever brought a banana outside, you bet your ass they’d split it with all the kids out there, because it was just the right thing to do.

Nowadays, if you’re gonna share your apple, you must first sign a 3-page declaration that it has no gluten or whatever allergens kill people these days. It’s insane! Kids have so many allergies nowadays, and they all seem to be invented this century.

What in the world? When I was a kid, things were so much simpler. Today you can get sued for giving your niece an oreo. Cartoons were just cartoons, and kids’ books were just kids’ books. No one searched for political issues in fairy tales. For God’s sake! Have we gone mad?

Parents now demand gender-neutral baby clothes and toys. Guess what? We used to have that back in my day, too! No one cared you were a girl, you’d wear your big brother’s old clothes because we were no billionaires, and you’d end up ruining them playing in the dirt anyway.

We played with other kids, regardless of who their parents voted for. We didn’t even know who our parents voted for. We didn’t care. Childhood was a lot simpler because we wouldn’t drag serious, political, and complicated issues into it.

2. People were not this sensitive.

Back in the day Relationships don't flourish when people get easily offended. The objective is to love and enjoy each other, not choke on bitterness. - Billy Alsbrooks. Positive Quote

People get offended so easily these days, it’s shocking. There’s no such thing as ‘free speech’ anymore because some representative of the political correctness police is always right behind the corner waiting for you to say something ‘wrong’.

I can no longer say I’ve gotten fat or old because I may or may not offend someone. We can’t even make fun of ourselves. This has gotten too far, people. We get seriously upset for the silliest reasons and we take things so far, that we stop talking to our friends and neighbor.

When I was younger, we’d argue, talk about it, then patch things up within days. Now you see people not talking for years because one didn’t ‘like’ the other’s post on Facebook. Seriously. Have we gone mad?

3. Politics was just politics.

Back in the day We must stop concentrating on our differences and focus on what we have in common. Then we can realize our full potential and achieve the greatest good in the world. - Bonnie L. Oscarson Positive quote

The things I read every day… some people should have their mothers called. When have we started to take politics personally? Are we nuts?

Yes, we vote for different guys, but that’s no reason to hate each other. The threats and insults I’ve read, wow. We run a humor group, where we’re supposed to have fun, share jokes, and laugh. Yet somehow, there’s always that one guy who brings up politics. I’m telling you, I can post a picture of a stick, and one guy will comment ‘this is a [insert random politician here] supporter’. It’s so annoying and exhausting, you guys.

You know, there are countries where all people agree on who should be the ‘president’ and I’m pretty sure none of you would like to live there. Let’s just embrace our freedom to disagree and do so nicely, without hating each other.

Back in the day, friends, members of the same family, and neighbors voted differently, and that didn’t stop us from hanging out.

4. We had simpler, stronger values.

Back in the day It's occurred to me that our human values, our ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, evolved in simpler times, before there were machines. - Herman Wouk Positive Quote

Friendship, love, family were 3 simple things that were truly cherished by everyone. People argued back then, too. But everyone knew we wouldn’t stay upset forever.

We respected our parents, we valued our friends, and we put love first. Nowadays, you read about people who stopped talking to their parents because they didn’t like what they named their pet fish.

I’m not even sure we still have real ‘friendship’ in this world. Everything people now say and do is for social media. The likes, impressions, and hearts they get on Instagram matter more for them than the time they spend with each other.

Trust, honesty, and loyalty have been replaced by likes, shares, and followers. I think it’s sad. I’m glad I grew up in the days when things were simpler. Simpler, but so much richer.

I am blessed to have lived when things were so much simpler. Friendship was real back in my day. We truly respected our parents and grandparents. The family was something sacred. We were able to discuss, even though we disagreed. And forgiveness came so much easier.

We looked up to our teachers and treated them with respect. And knowledge was a much more valuable asset than the number of followers on Instagram. I miss those simpler days…

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