30 Grandma And Grandpa’s House Rules Everyone Should Follow

Grandma and Grandpa's house rules

Grandma and Grandpa have STRICT RULES! Here they are! SHARE if this applies to you, too!

1. What happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s.

2. Parents have ZERO authority here.

3. You may eat whatever you want whenever you want.

4. Bedtime is negotiable.

5. Chocolate is an acceptable choice for breakfast.

6. Electronics usage is strictly limited to 14 hours a day.

7. In Grandma’s dictionary, milk means ‘chocolate milk’

8. Cookies are an acceptable breakfast food.

9. Grandchildren welcome anytime, parents only by appointment.

10. The kitchen is open 24 hours.

11. Expect to be spoiled.

12. Jumping on the bed is not only permitted but highly encouraged.

13. You can’t find the word NO in Grandma’s dictionary.

14. Dessert can and will come first.

15. Free unlimited hugs and kisses.

16. Sleepovers are encouraged.

17. At Grandma’s house, diets cease to exist.

18. You are the cutest person in the world.

19. Laugh, giggle and snuggle.

20. You will be expected to play lots of games, have lots of fun, and make the best memories.

21. Ice cream is a perfectly good choice for breakfast.

22. Yes, you can have a new toy.

23. Nap time is optional.

24. If Mom says no, ask Grandma (and see rule 13)

25. Expect storytelling.

26. Whatever the question, the answer is always “Yes, you may. And here are some cookies.”

27. Yes, you can have another ice cream.

28. Saying you’re “not hungry”, “already full”, or “trying to lose weight” is forbidden.

29. Expect to be sneaked money and asked not to tell anyone.

30. There’s no such thing as “too tired to play” in Grandma’s and Grandpa’s dictionary.

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