30 Funny Things People Have Spotted While Shopping

funny supermarket fails

These people went shopping and saw something that made their day! Check out the hilarious gallery and share the fun with your friends.

Shopping isn’t my favorite activity, as I find it exhausting. Maybe I’d enjoy it, too, if I saw some funny signs, people, or product placement at the store. But in my area, people who work at the supermarket have zero sense of humor, and shoppers are in no mood to laugh, either. The people who took these funny supermarket photos were lucky to spot some hilarious things while shopping. These funny photos really made my day, I hope you’ll enjoy them, too!

1. Thanks for the help... not!

funny supermarket placement diabetes and cakes

2. This cat just fell asleep like this, in the middle of the supermarket.

funny supermarket cat sleeps in the store

3. Security meets insecurity, at the store. What were the chances?

funny supermarket security and insecurity

4. A life decision was made here.

funny supermarket a decision was made apple and sweets

5. This pigeon just found the perfect place to live.

funny supermarket pigeon

6. When life gives you lemons, make orange juice.

funny supermarket lemons perfect for orange juice

7. Couples goals:

funny supermarket elderly couple shopping cart fun

8. A funny meme is always a good idea for a store sign.

funny supermarket perfect avocado sign

9. Ask an associate for a demonstration? They do that now?

funny supermarket ask an associate toilet sign

10. Someone made a big decision.

funny supermarket a decision was made oreos

11. I'm sure the employees appreciated the floor flour message.

funny spotted in supermarket sorry written in spilled flour

12. The chip reader needs tender love...

funny supermarket cashier sign do not shove your card violently

13. These people know their customers pretty well.

funny supermarket aisle for lonely women

14. Always smile!

funny supermarket smiley face underwear

15. This employee trying to catch a pigeon is hilarious.

funny supermarket employee makes pigeon trap

16. Potatoes? Onions? What?!

funny supermarket fail potatoes

17. Wow, that's dramatic...

funny supermarket aisle of death

18. That's what I'm calling eggs from now on.

funny supermarket boneless chicken egg sign

19. Wow, okay...

funny supermarket grinch nuts ad

20. Another person chose the sweets. I can relate.

funny supermarket a decision was made m&ms

21. They did say we had to wear mask...

funny supermarket man with horse mask

22. A very good reason.

funny supermarket closed register sign

23. This store's selling innocent kids?!

funny supermarket innocent kids price

24. Weight control? Denture care? Take some sweets!

funny supermarket chocolate and diet

25. I don't even know how that's possible.

funny supermarket open 9 days a week

26. Mario's had a rough year...

funny supermarket mario pole dancer

27. I hope you're ready for seasonal incontinence.

funny supermarket seasonal incontinence

28. This is so funny!

funny supermarket man with dog in stroller

29. Yeah. Spoil Dad.

funny supermarket tampons special offer for father's day

30. Really?!

funny supermarket giving! head

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