30 Funny Memes To Crack You Up This Weekend

No matter how hard your week was, these funny memes will crack you up. Have a lovely weekend!

These 30 hilarious memes will have you laughing to tears! Check them out, enjoy a good laugh, and don’t forget to share the fun with all your friends. Have a lovely weekend with plenty of laughter, as laughter is the best medicine! Cheers!

1. The dog in this funny meme looks pretty chill!

Funny meme, dog in marijuana field: I lost the ball but it's good. It's all good.

2. I hate it when this happens:

Funny meme: When you're ready to leave work but you've got 8 hours left because you just got there.

3. What's that for? Any idea?

Funny meme: Can someone explain this? Big jeep, small wheel.

4. These steaks look pretty chill, too!

Funny meme: Cow in marijuana field, the steaks have never been higher.

5. Workers struggling to move the Stonehenge stones back one hour.

Funny meme: Busy night at Stonehenge as workers struggle to move the stones back one hour.

6. Spray your throat every ten minutes, and you'll no longer worry about covid.

Funny meme: anti covid whisky spray.

7. No, seriously, we should have an app for this:

Funny meme: me, wondering if there's a way to transfer money from my mind to my bank account.

8. I've always wondered what a black beary tree looked like:

Funny meme: black bears in the tree.

9. Argh, I hate it when this happens:

Funny meme: When you hit your pinky toe on the leg of the couch.

10. True story:

Funny meme: 2020 was the first year I didn't go to the gym at all due to the pandemic. Usually, I don't go because I'm lazy.

11. The name... 'gender reveal party' is pretty misleading.

Funny meme: Sorry I took my pants off at your gender reveal party. My bad. I thought we were all patricipating.

12. OK, No problem!

Funny meme: Queen Elizabeth please stay in your castles

13. Still counting!

Funny meme: Not sure how many fun-size chocolate bars it takes to equal happiness, but so far it's not 27.

14. This funny meme perfectly describes 2020.

Funny meme: If 2020 was a hula hoop

15. Very good advice:

Funny meme: I don't care how nice the hand soap smells... you should never walk out of the restroom sniffing your finger

16. Oh, look! Free advice:

Funny meme: when you go see a lawyer and get free advice on the door.

17. Probably...

Funny meme: To the lady who flipped me off when I honked at you, your phone probably isn't on top of your car anymore...

18. This is exactly what to expect if you're gonna drag me to the gym.

Funny meme: what I mean when I say I'll go to the gym with you

19. Looks like Santa got my list!

Funny meme: Santa alcohol aisle at supermarket

20. This is probably the funniest meme in the world:

Funny meme: Women will never be equal to men until hey can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut and still think they are sexy.

21. The Christmas tree is up, and soon it's gonna get lit!

Funny meme: marijuana tree Christmas

22. Or even a year, who knows.

Funny meme: I'm giving up drinking for a month. Sorry. Bad punctuation. I'm giving up. Drinking for a month.

23. I am drunk, and that is Scooby Doo!

Funny meme: Am I drunk or is that Scooby Doo in my beer?

24. You can try these googly eyes on your cat, your husband, and even your kids!

Funny meme: My cat's ignoring me, so I improvised.

25. I say yes, certainly:

Funny meme: do three glasses of wine and two bloody marys count as five servings of fruit and vegetables? Asking for a friend.

26. Hilarious!

Funny meme: when you're a hipster, a businessman, a single mom, an influencer, but you still make time to bring water from the well.

27. Sure, why not?

Funny meme: when someone suggests wine at 8 AM.

28. Exactly:

Funny meme: when I run for 10 seconds

29. Should I have a beer tonight? See the answer below:

Funny meme: funny chart should I have a beer tonight?

30. And since I'm on a diet, tomorrow I'll have another salad!

Funny meme: I had a salad for dinner. Mostly croutons and tomatoes. Really just one big crouton with tomato sauce. And cheese. Fine, it was pizza. I had a pizza.

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