25 Things Kind People Always Do

habits of kind people

Who is the kindest person you know?

Here are just 25 of the habits kind people have. How many of these things do you often do?

famous positive quote about kindness

1. They give without expecting anything in return. Kind people don’t keep count of how many times they’ve helped others and what they’ve gotten in return. They don’t expect anything, not even thanks.

2. They listen. Truly listen. Not so they can respond, give you their opinion, or offer their advice. They just listen.

3. They try to understand, instead of judging. Kind people don’t condemn others. Instead, they try to see things from a different perspective.

4. They are patient and gentle.

5. They show respect. Kind people are polite, nice, and respectful towards everyone.

famous positive quote about kindness

6. They are honest, but not in a harsh way. They will tell always you the truth, but not in a brutal, hurtful way.

7. They are not afraid to show their love.

8. They give sincere compliments. Kind people always notice the good in others, and they don’t refrain from pointing it out.

9. They practice gratitude.

10. They forgive. Kind people don’t have room for resentment and grudges in their hearts.

famous positive quote about kindness

11. They find joy in every moment. Kind people love to laugh, to have fun, and enjoy life.

12. They will be there for you always, even when – especially when – things are hard.

13. They don’t offer unsolicited advice, but they are happy to share their best ideas for free.

14. They will call you just to see how you’re doing. Not to ask for a favor, not to talk about themselves… just to check if you’re ok.

15. They always keep their word. If they make a promise, you can count on them.

famous positive quote about kindness

16. They make time. For family, friends, even a stranger if they need help.

17. They always smile. They know a simple gesture like a smile can change someone’s entire day.

18. They are nice to everyone. Always.

19. They cherish family and friendship.

20. They speak nicely of everyone, especially behind their backs.

famous positive quote about kindness

21. They say “thank you” and “please.” And they always say the nicest words.

22. They hang out with other kind people. Kindness is contagious, you know.

23. They make small kind gestures every day. Helping a stranger with their groceries, or getting a coffee for a coworker… little things that can change someone’s day.

24. They are humble. 

25. They help. That’s what kind people do.

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