25 Resolutions For This Fall

What are your resolutions for this fall?

The school has started, so students, teachers, and parents are making resolutions for the new school year. To study harder, to make new friends, to be more patient, or to learn a new skill. I hope all their dreams come true, and even though I’m not involved in any way in the school year, I’ve made a list of fall resolutions myself. And I think you should too, not just now, but at the beginning of every season. Here are my plans for this fall. Welcome, September! Be good to us!

Resolutions For This Fall

1. I will not allow negative people to disturb my peace.

2. I will take a trip.

3. I will just go with the weather. If it rains, I will get in bed with a book. If it’s sunny, I will go for a walk.

4. I will express a thought of gratitude every day.

5. I will make more time for the people I love.

Resolutions For This Fall

6. I will wake up earlier in the morning, and put some positive thoughts in my mind before I start my day.

7. I will no longer waste time on people who refuse to change for the better.

8. I will cook at home more.

9. I will talk less about my problems, and more about my achievements.

10. I will go for a hike in nature to admire the gorgeous autumn colors.

Resolutions For This Fall

11. I will bake more cakes.

12. I will watch less TV and read more books instead.

13. I will go out at least once a month.

14. I’ll spend less on unnecessary things and donate more money to charities helping sick children.

15. I will be a better neighbor.

Resolutions For This Fall

16. I will keep my distance from toxic people and bullies.

17. I will rest and I will take personal time off whenever I need it, even if it’s not ‘the best time’ for the rest of the world.

18. I will no longer get angry about things that don’t matter.

19. I will make more time for my hobbies.

20. I will have fun.

Resolutions For This Fall

21. I will start a new project.
22. I will no longer look back into the past, and make plans for the future instead.
23. I will listen more.
24. I will eat less sugar and more fruits.
25. No matter what comes next, I will be strong.

Resolutions For This Fall

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