25 People With Amazing Genetic Traits

Amazing genetics

These people were born with unique hereditary characteristics. Check out the amazing gallery and share it with all your friends!

1. This person has inherited one thumb from each parent.

Amazing genetics one thumb from each parent

And if you look closely, you’ll notice the person on the right has a shorter thumb,  due to a genetic condition called Brachydactyly type D.

2. This man has freckles only on one side of his face.

Amazing genetics freckles on just half the face

Some people have freckles on just their noses, others have them on their entire face, and this guy has them on just one side.

3. These women have the same genetic condition.

Amazing genetics toes fused

These two women aren’t related by blood, as they are sisters-in-law, but they share one unique trait. They both have Syndactyly, a genetic condition that causes fingers or toes to be fused. They even got matching tattoos to celebrate their rare genetic trait.

4. This person has tentacles under their tongue.

Amazing genetics tongue tentacles

These ‘tongue tentacles’ are real and they’re caused by a condition called Plica Fimbriata. They are just skin growths under the tongue that don’t cause any pain or discomfort. I bet they make a great conversation starter.

5. This man has two middle fingers on each hand.

Amazing genetics two middle fingers

This is so cool. When he wants to give someone the middle finger, he can do it twice, using just one hand.

6. Mom and baby have the same hair birthmark.

Amazing genetics white hair patch birth mark

Their trait is so unique! I think it’s great that the baby has inherited the white hair spot from her Mom.

7. This woman has "Bowie Eyes".

Amazing genetics bowie eyes

This condition is called “Anisocoria” and nicknamed “Bowie Eyes” due to David Bowie’s famous eyes who were unnaturally so. People who are born with this condition have one pupil that fluctuates correctly, and another one that remains fixed.

8. This little girl naturally has a hair strand of a different color.

Amazing genetics brown strand in blond hair

This beautiful little princess naturally has a brown lock among her blonde hair. Women usually pay for this!

9. Like father, like son.

Amazing genetics inherited thumbs

The interesting story behind this is that the father lost his finger by accident when he was a child. Years later, the child’s finger stopped growing right where his Dad’s finger ended. Amazing.

10. A straight line in the palm.

Amazing genetics straight line in palm

We have all kinds of lines in the palm of our hand, and probably that’s why palm reading got invented. But this guy would completely freak out a palm reader, as his line is straight.

11. This beauty has both albinism and heterochromia.

Amazing genetics albino girl with heterochromia

This absolutely gorgeous girl has two unique features. First, she has albinism, meaning she has little to no melanin in her hair, skin, and eyes. And secondly, she has heterochromia, meaning her eyes are different colors. Both traits are pretty rare, and having them both is really special.

12. The power of genetics.

Amazing genetics heterochromia

This gorgeous little boy has inherited Mom’s beautiful two-colored eyes. This special trait is known as complete heterochromia, meaning one eye has two different colors.

13. This baby has real elf ears.

Amazing genetics pointy ears

Some people are born with natural elf ears. They are caused by “Stahl’s ear”, a condition that gives a natural pointy shape to ears, due to additional cartilage.

14. The man was born with 6 toes on his left foot and the woman with 4 toes on her right foot.

Amazing genetics six toes and four toes

The two people work together and have discovered that they both have an uncommon number of toes at one of their feet.

15. This man has five fingers, no thumb.

Amazing genetics finger instead of thumb

Wow, that’s a long thumb! This person’s fingers are all functional, but instead of a regular size thumb, he has a finger with three phalanges. The malformation is called triphalangeal thumb and it’s estimated that one in 25,000 people is born with it.

16. This boy was born without a nasal bridge.

Amazing genetics nose without bridge

Wow, there’s something I’ve never seen before! This boy was born without a nasal bridge, which could be caused by all kinds of conditions.

17. This baby was born with a perfect number 2 on her head.

Amazing genetics birthmark shaped like number 2

She has such a cool birthmark. I think that’s her lucky number!

18. This little girl was born with a patch of white hair like her Mom's.

Amazing genetics white hair patch mom and baby

This condition is known as poliosis, and the baby has inherited the exact same patch of white hair as her Mom’s. Amazing genetics!

19. This baby was born with a birthmark shaped like a heart.

Amazing genetics birthmark shaped like heart

Some birthmarks fade away in time, but I really hope this baby’s unique heart stays there forever. It’s so adorable!

20. This man has a rare congenital giant pigmented nevus.

Amazing genetics giant furry mole

Zhang Hongming has a giant furred mole that covers his arm, back, and part of his chest. 

21. This woman has a white eyebrow and white lashes on one of her eyes.

Amazing genetics white eyelashes and eyebrow

She has Vitiligo on half of her face, which caused the eyebrow and the eyelashes on that side to grow white.

22. This woman has both blonde and brown hair.

Amazing genetics blonde and brown hair mix

Wow, this is unique! Women usually dye their hair to get this effect, but for this person, it happened naturally. So cool!

23. This guy has a golden ring in his eye.

Amazing genetics golden ring in eye

That’s a nice eye! Hazel-eyes are very pretty, and they aren’t a result of an odd condition. It’s all about the distribution of melanin in the iris.

24. This person has very long toes.

Amazing genetics long toes

This woman most probably has a condition named Arachnodactyly, also known as spider fingers.

25. This person has a huge thumb.

Amazing genetics long thumb

Wow, now that’s a huge thumb! Maybe that’s how we’re evolving due to all the swiping? A unique trait, nevertheless. 

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