25 Interesting Photos Showing How Animals Sleep

interesting how animals sleep

I never knew how some of these animals sleep. So interesting! Check out the gallery and share the fun with your friends!

I bet you didn’t know how elephants sleep, and I’m sure you have wondered if horses sleep standing up. After seeing this gallery, you’ll find out how various animals sleep, and you’ll probably get a nap, too. Check out these interesting animal photos and share the fun with your friends!

1. This family of elephants was photographed using a drone. They were resting during migration.

how elephants sleep

2. This giraffe sleeping is adorable.

how giraffes sleep

3. These adorable sleeping koalas look like stuffed toys. I just want to join them.

how koalas sleep

4. Horses sleep lying down, but sometimes they take naps standing up, too.

how horses sleep

5. Sometimes otters sleep holding hands, so they don't drift apart. That's so cute!

how otters sleep

6. This raccoon sleeping in a tree looks so comfortable!

how raccoons sleep

7. You can read the happiness on the face of this pig sleeping in the mud.

how pigs sleep

8. A sloth taking a nap!

how sloths sleep

9. This owl is just resting its eyes.

how owls sleep

10. So adorable! These seals sleeping are so cute!

how seals sleep

11. Just a family of hippos sleeping peacefully.​

how hippos sleep

12. Turtles need sleep, too!

how turtles sleep

13. This red panda looks comfy sleeping on its branch.

14. Pandas love sleeping!

how pandas sleep

15. Lions are just big cats, after all, so they sleep like any other feline.

how lions sleep

16. This polar bear looks so peacefully sleeping on its rock.

how polar bears sleep

17. This is how bears sleep!

how bears sleep

18. Bats are such amazing creatures! Here they are, enjoying a nap in the sun.

how bats sleep

19. Meerkats sleep in a group.

how meerkats sleep

20. I never knew how walruses sleep.

how walruses sleep

21. This squirrel fell asleep.

how squirrels sleep

22. This family of flamingoes is taking a nap.

how flamingoes sleep

23. So cute! This hedgehog sleeps with a tiny hedgehog toy!

how hedgehogs sleep

24. This sleeping fox is adorable.

how foxes sleep

25. These sheep are sleeping at the shade of the tree.

how sheep sleep

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