25 Hysterical Very Confusing Signs That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

Funny Confusing Sign

Whoever designed these signs hasn’t thought things through. They are so poorly designed, you have to look twice to understand what they meant.

When I saw these hilarious signs… well, first I laughed out loud. But then, I couldn’t stop but wonder ‘What were these people thinking?’ These signs are so poorly designed, they got a completely different meaning than first intended. And they’re hysterical. Check them out and prepare to roll on the floor laughing.

1. I agree! Pets shouldn't be cooking bicycles!

Funny Confusing Sign No Pets Cooking Bycicles

2. So will there be blood?

Funny Confusing Sign there will be definitely be blood maybe

3. Where do we buy tickets?

Funny Confusing Sign please have tickets or ass ready

4. Do not exceed 20 children?

Funny Confusing Sign Do not exceed 20 children

5. That's just mean!

Funny Confusing Sign extremely slow children playing

6. What? No matter how you read this, it doesn't make sense!

Funny Confusing Sign Gym stairs

7. 'Die for succes'. Yeah, many people do!

Funny Confusing Sign die for success

8. And how do you check if they have gas?

Funny Confusing Sign kids with gas eat free

9. Stand Hong With Kong!

Funny Confusing Sign stand hong with kong

10. Such a terrible design fail!

Funny Confusing Sign you don't matter give up

11. I'm not sure we can stop earth, even if the denying is dying.

Funny Confusing Sign stop earth the denying is dying

12. I don't have a Russian child, sorry!

Funny Confusing Sign enroll your russian child now

13. Thanks, but I don't need your help.

Funny Confusing Sign Restrooms

14. Pumpkin flu and a spice shot?

Funny Confusing Sign

15. What?

Funny Confusing Sign do not read under penalty of law

16. Good! No one wants smoking bare feet pets in their building!

Funny Confusing Sign smoking bare feet pets prohibited in building

17. This sounds like the perfect drug place!

Funny Confusing Sign this is a work free drug place

18. Let Electricity do what exactly?

Funny Confusing Sign Don't kill your wife with work! Let electricity do it!

19. People should really stop eating children in that area, or any other area.

Funny Confusing Sign people are eating children

20. This is my personal motto:

Funny Confusing Sign

21. So, where do I go if I'm not a disabled elderly pregnant child?

Funny Confusing Sign toilet only for disabled elderly pregnant children

22. No safety, smoking first?

Funny Confusing Sign no safety smoking first

23. Please don't!

Funny Confusing Sign Practice your kills

24. But I don't wanna beat the children!

Funny Confusing Sign let's all beat the children

25. This sign gave me a headache.

Funny Confusing Sign left no turn right only turn

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