25 Hilarious Signs That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

Hilarious Signs That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

These signs are so hilarious! Check out the funny gallery and share it with someone who could use a reason to laugh today.

“What were they thinking?” is something I find myself wondering almost every day. People sometimes forget to use their brains, and that’s how we end up laughing at all kinds of ridiculous signs that make no sense. In this gallery, you’ll see some such funny fails, but also signs and notes that were simply intended to make us laugh. Check out the hilarious gallery, and share the fun with someone who could use a reason to laugh.

1. This funny sign is correct!

Funny Sign

2. You don't say!?

Funny Sign water on road during rain

3. Poor Pete!

Funny Sign workplae

4. Watch out for smartphone zombies!

Funny Sign smartphone zombies

5. This sign is hilarious!

Funny Sign husbands must have a note from wife

6. Such a hilarious 'No Trespassing' sign!

Funny Sign no tresspassing

7. Hmm... this looks hard...

Funny Sign stairs

8. My dog doesn't smoke, but he does usually walk around without shoes... is he allowed?

9. Does this happen often?

Funny Sign falling cows

10. We've all read it, sorry.

Funny Sign private do not read

11. Okay, we won't.

Funny Sign do not mow

12. This tent pole sign is so funny!

Funny Sign pole

13. This sign placing is so unfortunate. Seriously, what were you thinking?

Funny Sign elderly people cemetery

14. Okay! We'll try.

Funny Sign do not sit on fence

15. This Zoo sign is so funny!

Funny Sign zoo

16. So funny!

Funny Sign valet parking

17. Thanks for letting us know.

Funny Sign sidewalk ends

18. Debbie, stop making up ridiculous rules.

Funny Sign girls with long hair must be tied up

19. Poor Bill. Leave the man alone.

Funny Sign bill posters will be prosecuted

20. What is this? Some kind of recommendation? This doesn't look right...

Funny Sign baby alligator

21. This sounds creepy.

Funny Sign slow kids with no shoulders

22. They just know when the kids are out?!

Funny Sign bumps ahead when children are present

23. I'd say all strippers should be cleaned after every shift...

Funny Sign the fat stripper must be cleaned out

24. This looks dangerous!

Funny Sign owl attack

25. All of these apply!

Funny Sign littering

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