25 Hilarious Memes That Made Me Chuckle This Week

Funny random memes June

Here are some random memes that made me laugh this week. Check them out and share the fun with someone with a great sense of humor!

Did you know that scientists have discovered that people who like humor and jokes are way smarter than those who suck out the fun of everything? It’s true, I read about it on the Internet. Even if they aren’t, I still like them better. So, for all my friends who enjoy a good laugh now and then, here are some funny memes that made me chuckle this week.

1. It's true, we can't deny it.

Funny random memes June How all middle-aged men take selfies for their profile picture:

2. At least walking is good for our health.

Funny random memes June Me, walking back to the car because I forgot my mask.

3. What happens when you take Grandma to the Chinese restaurant:

Funny random memes June Took Grandma to the Chinese restaurant...

4. This could explain everything!

Funny random memes June Sometimes I wonder if all the bad things in my life happen because I didn't forward that message to 10 other people 10 years ago.

5. I agree! As long as you clean the windows, it's not spying.

Funny random memes June You're not spying on your neighbors if you're pretending to clean the windows.

6. Definitely haunted!

Funny random memes June My body is a temple. Ancient, crumbling, possibly cursed, definitely haunted.

7. "We love you soooo much!"

Funny random memes June When you arrive late at the party and everybody is already drunk.

8. Who do we need to call to get this going?

Funny random memes June I think when you retire, the government should send you a gift basket containing chocolate, wine, PJs, a do not disturb sign, vodka, free replacement glasses for life, a pet, free Netflix for life, free coffee, a landline to find your cell phone, a volunteer teenager to help with your computer, and Sam Elliot.

9. Oops! The birdie is pissed!

Funny random memes June Excuse me! I think you forgot to refill the bird feeder!

10. This meme is so funny!

Funny random memes June I'm hiding from exercise. I'm in the fitness protection program.

11. All men should follow this wise guy.

Funny random memes June a wise man once told his wife nothing because he was a wise man

12. Here's a great advice for all the parents out there!

Funny random memes June Pro tip: Want your kids to call you more often? Post something embarrassing about them on Facebook every day.

13. Oh, the horror!

Funny random memes June When you hit a hard turn and your purse tips over in the back seat.

14. True story!

Me sliding the straw in and out of a McDonald's cup.

15. Has anyone else noticed this?

Funny random memes June They say that 40 is the new 30, and 50 is the new 40. I don't know about that, but I do know that the older I get, the more 9 PM is the new midnight.

16. It's not working, and I have no idea why.

Funny random memes June My trainer told me to get on the treadmill to lose weight, but it's not working.

17. I'm gonna stop buying dumb stuff. Starting next month.

Funny random memes June beanbag onesie Me: I have to stop spending all my money on stupid things. Me, when I get my paycheck:

18. Probably!

Funny random memes June If I'm ever known as the one that got away... it will be from an asylum.

19. Here's something you should know about me.

Funny random memes June What I say Maybe I'll come. I'll let you know. I'm not sure yet. I'll try to come. I'll think about it. What I mean I'm not coming. I'm not coming. I'm very sure I'm not coming. I won't try anything. I'm not coming. I won't think about anything, I'm not coming.

20. My Sunday face:

Funny random memes June When you realize tomorrow's Monday.

21. It sure is!

Funny random memes June Don't be ashamed of who you are. That's your parents' job.

22. Welcome to adulthood. Here's something you should know...

Funny random memes June If you're over 35, better go pee before you leave, pee when you get there, pee while you're there, and pee before you leave.

23. Old age is pretty much a never ending hangover.

Funny random memes June You know you're getting old when you wake up thinking you're hungover, but then you remember that nope, that's just who you are now.

24. Once again, thanks for understanding.

Funny random memes June Attention! Due to recent setbacks, my summer beach body will be postponed for another year. As usual, thank you for your patience.

25. Chillin' at home.

Funny random memes June Everyone's posting pictures at the beach or a family barbecue, and I'm at home like: pig bath

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