25 Hilarious Fast Food Signs That Made Me Laugh So Hard, I Almost Dropped My Taco

These fast food signs are so funny, they’ll make your day! Check them out and share the laughs with everyone who could use a reason to smile today!

I love some good humor, whether it’s intentional or not. Some of these hilarious fast-food signs were innocent mistakes, while others were just the creative work of someone with a great sense of humor. Regardless, they are all so funny, I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

Check out these hilarious fast-food signs, enjoy a good laugh, and make sure you share them with everyone who could use a reason to smile today.

1. Extra large kid? What exactly are you selling here, weirdos?

Mc Donald's funny sign extra large kid

2. That's brutally honest. And a bit mean.

Mc Donald's funny sign Now hiring losers

3. Is it better to work for a king?

Burger King funny sign Work for a king not for a clown

4. Lets taco bout this funny fast food sign:

Taco bell funny sign need a job lets taco bout it

5. Now that I know Wendy's secret ingredient... I'm probably never eating there.

Wendy's funny sign our secret ingredient is our people now hiring

6. I agree! When it comes to food, size matters.

El Arroyo funny sign of course size matters, no one wants a small taco.

7. And Subway agrees! 6 inches is definitely not enough.

Subway funny sign 6 inches isn't enough

8. I'm assuming they meant shiFts...

Taco bell funny sign now hirnig all shits

9. Taco bell, too? Wow!

Taco bell funny sign now hiring losers

10. Haha! True story!

DQ funny sign ruining your new year's resolution since 1962

11. Oh, I was wondering what Sponge Bob was doing these days.

Burger King funny sign spongebob is here hiring managers

12. This is one funny fast-food sign:

The original rib tickler horrifying vegetarians since 1984

13. Lenny, your boss has a message for you!

Perkins funny sign Lenny you need to come to work

14. I'm pretty sure they meant 'Faces'... but yuck, this is gross.

Mc Donald's funny sign now hiring smiling feces

15. These guys are hiring Star Wars Toys. Impressive.

Burger King funny sign now hiring starwars toys

16. Hmm... I'd rather not, thanks.

Mc Donald's funny sign try our new crap

17. Although... the previous offer seems better than this one:

Wendy's funny sign try our new demon flesh

18. I agree with this sign:

funny sign either you love bacon or you're wrong

19. This one's my favorite! I love the joke in this sign:

Sonic funny sign chicken loses job chicken is broke chiken strips

20. Haa! This puns are awesome!

Subway funny sign pun lettuce meat olive your eggspectations

21. This coffee shop sign is true!

Coffee shop funny sign a yawn is a silent scream for coffee

22. Wow. These restaurants are really fighting on losers.

Wendy's funny sign now hiring fulltime losers

23. Sure you did!

Funny sign try our new fox fillet i meant fish

24. Good thing you mentioned it.

Subway funny sign hiring but not rehiring

25. Ow, man! Right when I was looking for a boy toy! I'm so disappointed!

Mc Donald's funny fail we are currently out of boy toys.

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