25 Hilarious Dog Memes That Are Both Funny And Adorable

Hilarious Dog Memes

We love humor and we love dogs, so we obviously love these funny memes, too!

These funny dog memes are both funny and adorable, so they’ll not only make you laugh, but they’ll also put a nice warm feeling into your heart. Check out this fine selection of hilarious doggie memes and share the fun with everyone who could use a reason to smile today.

1. Of course it's you, sweetie!

Funny Memes When your human asks "who's a good boy" and you already know it's you.

2. Yikes! I'd prefer learning this in someone else's yard.

Funny Memes When you find out your dog is Infantry:

3. The rules never said anything about seals!

Funny Memes Dogs may not be allowed on the sofa, but as you can see, I'm a seal.

4. These are my plans every evening after work.

Funny Memes When I say "Sorry, I have plans", this is what I have planned:

5. I can't wait!

Funny Memes Sorry, I can't see you this weekend because I am super busy. My plans this weekend:

6. I usually just think about something else.

Funny Memes Your secrets are safe with me because there's a good chance I wasn't even listening.

7. LOL, this is so funny!

Funny Memes Petting a stranger's dog: Level 1,000,000

8. You don't do that to friends!

Funny Grilling Memes I leave for a few days and you have a BBQ without me?

9. Here's a gardening tip!

Funny Gardening Memes When you plant a puppy, make sure you choose a container that can comfortably accommodate the full-grown dog.

10. Dance like no one's watching!

Funny Meme May Always Dance like nobody's watching.

11. Since I always choose the food, I don't have a hot body. It is what it is.

Funny Grilling Memes When you want a hot body, but you also want BBQ.

12. This seems like a super fun dog!

Funny Meme May I don't know who this dog is or why he's banned from the park, but he certainly seems like a lot of fun.

13. When you come home early and you catch your dogs doing... whatever it is they're doing.

Funny meme may Oh, Hello. You're home early...

14. This funny meme is so accurate.

Funny meme may When a dog's been bad vs When a cat's been bad

15. So annoying!

Funny meme may When your mom forces you to speak to your relatives

16. When you spend all your money on dumb stuff, then wonder why you're poor.

Funny meme may When you spend your paycheck on dumb stuff.

17. Peer pressure...

Funny memes Best Friends:

18. This cutie is going to have the best garden!

Funny Gardening Memes

19. The best plan, and not just for Sundays!

Funny meme Sundays... Sleep until you're hungry, then eat until you're sleepy.

20. When you thought you look nice, but then you find out that you don't. It happens to me all the time.

Funny meme When you thought you looked cute but then you catch your reflection in a window.

21. Here comes the sneeze!

Funny meme When you go out and the allergies hit you.

22. That means you're in trouble!

Funny meme april When you hear your mom saying your full name:

23. I know the feeling...

Funny meme april When you hit a pothole and it sounds expensive.

24. Probably not!

Funny meme april Is an emotional support dog supposed to look at you like this? Asking for a friend.

25. And you realize you're not as badass as you thought...

Funny Memes When you bark at the mailman and he says "how cute"

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