25 Gorgeous Albino Animals You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

Gorgeous Albino Animals You've Probably Never Seen Before

These albino animals are stunning! Check out this awesome gallery and share the fun with your friends!

Albinism is a congenital condition characterized by the absence of coloration in persons, animals, or plants. While you’ve probably seen people with albinism, I bet you haven’t seen an albino bear, deer, or crow. These albino animals are all pretty cool, check them out!

1. An adorable albino turtle.

Rare Albino Turtle

2. Such a beautiful creature!

Rare Albino lion

3. Gorgeous!

Rare Albino deer

4. Have you ever seen an albino alligator?

Rare Albino alligator

5. This owl looks so cute!

Rare Albino owl

6. So gorgeous!

Rare Albino whale

7. It's hard to see them in that snow!

Rare Albino deer

8. Such a cutie!

Rare Albino hedgehog

9. All four are so beautiful!

Rare Albino doberman

10. Gorgeous!

Rare Albino gorilla

11. Check out this beauty!

Rare Albino kangaroo

12. An albino snake, wow!

Rare Albino snake

13. I have never seen an albino raccoon!

Rare Albino raccoon

14. A stunning creature!

Rare Albino squirrel

15. Gorgeous creatures!

Rare Albino tiger

16. You don't see an albino crow too often!

Rare Albino crow

17. This albino moose is so gorgeous!

Rare Albino moose

18. A very rare albino dolphin.

Rare Albino dolphin

19. Check out this cutie!

Rare Albino koala

20. This albino baby elephant doesn't need any colors to be cool.

Rare Albino elephant

21. A gorgeous albino cockatiel!

Rare Albino cockatiel

22. I have never seen an albino peacock before! So much beauty!

Rare Albino peacock

23. So much cuteness!

Rare Albino deer

24. This is not a polar bear!

Rare Albino bear

25. Nature is amazing!

Rare Albino turtle

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