25 Funny Stuff People Have Spotted In Bars

funny things spotted at the bar

Bars are supposed to be fun! Check out these hilarious things people have found in a bar, and share the gallery with your friends!

I really miss going to a bar. I haven’t been in one ever since the pandemic started, and now I wonder if I won’t be too old to enter a bar when all this ends. 

Bars are supposed to be fun, so owners do whatever they can to make them as friendly as possible. They add a funny sign, or maybe a cool painting, a detail to put a smile on your face when you go there. In this gallery, you’ll see 25 such examples of funny stuff people have spotted in bars. Check out the hilarious gallery and share the fun with your friends!

1. A hilarious idea for the men's room:

funny bar urinals

2. Someone saw this cat drinking a shot of milk.

funny bar cat drinks milk shot

3. This sign asking people to be patient:

funny bar sign please be patient with the bartender

4. How to deal with vandalism in a funny creative way:

funny bar vandalism framed wall hole

5. I agree with this funny sign. You don't want to risk it.

funny bar chalkboard sign

6. This is a brilliant idea!

funny bar napkin creative don't drink and drice idea

7. It's true! I can confirm this myself.

funny bar chalkboard sign

8. Leave your husband at the husband day care center!

funny bar sign idea husband day care center

9. False advertising:

funny bar free beer topless bartenders & false advertising chalkboard sign

10. This is genius!

funny bar toilet idea

11. Things that are difficult, very difficult, and downright impossible to say when drunk:

funny bar sign words that hard to pronounce

12. Something awful must have happened at this bar.

funny bar toilet note

13. So creative!

funny bar toilet room signs

14. It's true.

funny bar chalkboard sign

15. Hiding from wife?

funny bar sign when the wife calls

16. Everyone looks sexy at this bar.

funny bar stools sexy legs

17. Such a funny idea! An original urinal.

funny bar beer keg urinal

18. This man's socks...

funny bar old man middle finger socks

19. We've all been there!

funny bar chalkboard sign dory

20. What's this dog doing at the bar? And whose beer is that?!

funny bar dog drinks beer

21. So not fair...

funny bar sign no shirt no service

22. What a fun coincidence!

funny bar coincidence cookie monster t shirts

23. This bar sign has a point.

funny bar chalkboard sign

24. Naked waitresses flirt with you?! Oh, wait...

funny bar sign

25. No hipsters! This chalkboard bar sign is so funny!

funny bar no hipsters sign

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