25 Funny Raccoons That Will Make You Smile

adorable raccoons

These funny raccoon photos made me smile today! Check out this cute gallery and share the fun with your friends!

Check out these funny raccoons! I love these adorable creatures! Raccoons are so expressive, and I just love their tiny hands and cute faces. In this gallery, you’ll see a selection of funny raccoon photos that will put a smile on your face, for sure! Check out the cute gallery and share it with all your friends!

1. This cute raccoon hugs his best friend!

adorable raccoon hugs dog

2. This albino raccoon is so precious!

adorable albino raccoon

3. For me?!

adorable raccoon is emotional

4. You locked me out...

adorable raccoon funny

5. The elevator is broken...

adorable raccoon rests on handrail

6. I'm a ninja!

adorable raccoon balance between two trees

7. This family of raccoons decided to crash a wedding.

adorable raccoon family joins wedding photoshoot

8. When you are invited at a party, and you bring all your friends:

adorable raccoons and other wild animals throw party

9. Spot the intruder!

adorable baby raccoon hidden among kittens

10. This adorable raccoon is a talented painter!

adorable raccoon paints

11. This funny raccoon is ready for Halloween!

adorable raccoon in Halloween costume

12. Oh, no! Did I say that out loud?!

adorable raccoon funny face

13. When we eat so much, we can hardly move:

adorable fat raccoons funny

14. Hold on. Let me explain.

adorable raccoon funny

15. I saw a spider this big!

funny raccoon

16. Yes, yes. My evil plan is going great!

adorable raccoon funny evil face

17. When your favorite character in the movie dies:

adorable raccoon shocked face

18. I said a screwdriver!

adorable raccoon funny repairs car

19. Meow?

adorable raccoon steals cat's food

20. I can't sleep without my bedtime story!

adorable baby raccoon

21. Delete that right now.

adorable raccoon looks at photo on smartphone

22. Faster!

adorable raccoons rowing a boat

23. And that's how you dance the Macarena.

adorable raccoons dancing

24. Stretching is important!

adorable raccoon stretching

25. I hope you liked us! Bye bye!

adorable raccoon finds camera

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