25 Funny Photos Showing Why Two Cats Are Better Than One

two funny cats

These cute cat photos will melt your heart! Check out this adorable gallery and share the fun with your friends!

Having one cat is great, but two cats are even better! The love is double, the fun is double, and as you’ll see in this funny gallery, the trouble is double, too. Check out these adorable cat photos, and share the fun with someone who could use a reason to smile today!

1. This is me, when I watch a movie with my husband and a scary scene comes up:

two funny cats on top of the other

2. When you have two cats, the love is double!

two funny cats snuggling hear tails

3. Two cats may defeat the vacuum...

two funny cats hissing

4. Two cats means double the snuggle!

two funny cats hugging

5. When you have a sibling, you know someone will love you unconditionally, forever.

two funny cats hugging

6. Life with siblings:

two funny cats sticking tongues out

7. When you come home smelling like the neighbor's cat:

two funny cats

8. Me, when my husband wants to leave my side.

two funny cats playing

9. When you have two cats, one can pretend to be the other one's shadow.

two funny cats white and black

10. Two cats means double the silliness!

two funny cats making silly faces

11. So much love!

two funny cats comforting

12. Double the trouble!

two funny cats get in trouble

13. Each with its own box!

two funny cats in boxes

14. Double the cuteness!

two funny cats black and white

15. Team work!

two funny cats team work

16. Isn't this romantic?

two funny cats hug

17. Life with a sibling is so much better!

18. How cute are they?

two funny cats surprise

19. Two cats can practice ninja moves together.

two funny cats ninja

20. Am I seeing double?

two funny cats looking outside the window

21. Me and my husband, this weekend:

two funny cats in bed watching the laptop

22. Stay still. I'm passing you my wisdom.

two funny cats playing

23. How lovely!

two funny cats tails shaped as heart

24. How sweet!

two funny cats in sink

25. Two cats are more fun than one cat!

two funny cats laughing

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