25 Funny Little Kids’ Quotes That Are Too Pure For This World

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These quotes from little kids will make your day! Check out the cute gallery and share the fun with your friends!

Children say funny things all the time. They don’t have that filter stopping them from saying exactly what they think, so they come up with the cutest quotes. Some are hilarious, others are brilliant, but all of them are pure and innocent.

NYC school teacher ALYSSA COWIT was fascinated by the brilliant things her Kindergarteners said, so she decided to collect their glorious quotes. She started an Instagram account to chronicle them, Live From Snack Time, which soon became an Internet sensation. Alyssa teamed up with Greg Dunbar, a digital marketing manager with Walt Disney Studios, and together they grew their amazing project to more than 576k followers.

In this gallery, I chose 25 funny and brilliant quotes from little kids, but I insist you check out their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, as well as their website. They post new children’s quotes all the time, and I know you’ll enjoy them! And if your kids or grandchildren say something that’s worth sharing with the world, you can submit their quotes on the website and make them famous. Check out this cute gallery and share the fun with someone who could use a reason to smile today!

1. I agree with this kid!

funny things kids say: It's so dumb that dogs don't last forever.

2. That's true! Kids are wiser than adults.

funny things kids say: Anyone can be a family, you just have to love each other and feed each other.

3. You are right!

funny things kids say: Salads aren't for birthdays!

4. I'm going to use this child's brilliant quote.

funny things kids say: I am not cleaning that up. I am not Cinderella.

5. I agree with Vince.

funny things kids say: You know, you'd be a lot happier if you snuck chocolate into your bed at bedtime. That's what I do.

6. Kids say the funniest things!

funny things kids say: I don't know if I should have my own kids or just become a grandma and forget all that.

7. That sounds like a great date!

funny things kids say: I wanna go on a real date, where you get one milkshake and two straws and share it with someone.

8. Kids are better at life than adults.

funny things kids say: Don't work too hard, daddy. Make sure you play a little bit.

9. Mine, too!

funny things kids say: My favorite holidays are Christmas and Fridays.

10. I need an eating party in bed, too.

funny things kids say: Mom, I'm tired. Let's get in bed and have an eating party.

11. You've got that right!

funny things kids say: I'm going to marry William. He's funny and that's important for the marriage.

12. Me, too!

funny things kids say: I ate real food yesterday, so today I just want to eat ice cream.

13. Yeah. And it's not that fun, as you sometimes misbehave.

funny things kids say: Growing up just means you babysit yourself.

14. My thoughts exactly.

funny things kids say: I lose all control around cheese.

15. You bet!

funny things kids say: Before we cross the street have to look... gorgeous!

16. Busted! This child's quote is so funny!

funny things kids say: After I go to bed, mom thinks she's being sneaky but I can hear her crunching on chips all night.

17. LOL!

funny things kids say: How old are you? Two and a half quesadillas.

18. So funny!

funny things kids say: Goodnight Mom, I love you more than dad.

19. Kids say the cutest things.

funny things kids say: I have four modes: happy, really happy, angry, and breakdance.

20. I agree. I'd like to quit this adult thing, too.

funny things kids say: I don't want to be a grownup because then I'd have to do jobs and not have any fun.

21. This is a brilliant idea! I'm gonna try it.

funny things kids say: How about we pretend I'm allergic to people and I don't talk to anyone for the rest of the day?

22. Yeah. You're right.

funny things kids say: I don't want to get married. Kids seem like a lot of work. I'm a lot of work for just me!

23. This is probably the smartest thing anyone has ever said.

funny things kids say: Any cake can be a breakfast cake if you eat it in the morning.

24. Small world!

funny things kids say: So... turns out my aunt is my mom's sister. Small world.

25. Yeah, probably!

funny things kids say: There is no school the day after Thanksgiving so everyone can poop.

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