25 Funny Kids That Made Us Laugh Today

Funny Things Kids Do And Say

These kids have no idea how funny they are! Check out this hilarious gallery and share the fun with your friends!

Kids say and do the funniest things! These parents have captured some of their kids’ hilarious moments and lucky for us, they shared them with the world. Check out this funny gallery and share the fun with someone who could use a reason to smile today.

1. This little girl told people her family gives her weed and that makes her sleepy.

Funny Kids Tweet

2. This baby was thirsty, but she can't read yet.

Funny Kid drink chicken broth

3. This little girl drew herself a pillow:

Funny Kid draw pillow and sleeps

4. This kid found a wig and almost made their dad collapse.

Funny Kid scared mom with wig

5. The kids were asked to dress up as elves, and one by showed up dressed up as Elvis.

Funny Kid drsses up as elvis instead of elves

6. This child got confused:

Funny things kids say

7. Brilliant kid!

Funny Kid drawing

8. This little girl was invited at a princess party, but she wanted to go as a puppy.

Funny Kid dresses up as puppy at princesses party

9. The kid who drew this just said what we were all thinking.

Funny Kid drawing

10. For Halloween, this kid wanted to go as a fart.

Funny Kid wears fart costume

11. This child is a genius!

Funny Kid tweet

12. This kid thought he could do his own haircut.

Funny Kid cuts ow hair

13. This little girl made a drawing of herself giving away her baby sister to aliens.

Funny Kid drawing

14. This kid dressed up the dog, LOL! I love the shoes!

15. Titus had a nice day at the lake.

Funny Kid tweet

16. This child is adorable!

Funny Kid at the store

17. This funny child can't keep a secret.

Funny Kid drawing about mom drinking

18. This kid got his mom in trouble!

Funny Kid tweet

19. This child made grandma a very nice, brutally honest drawing.

Funny Kid drawing for grandma

20. This kid who made everyone on the plane uncomfortable.

Funny Kid tweet

21. Kids are always honest.

Funny Kid tweet

22. At least they didn't write the word, lol.

Funny Kid test

23. This kid is serious about keeping an eye on his baby sister.

Funny Kid superman costume

24. Good plan, kid.

Funny Kid test

25. This kid who took the class on a tour of the bathroom, while Dad was taking a shower.

Funny Kid tweet

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