25 Funny Cat Memes For All Kitty Lovers

If you love kitties, these funny cat memes are for you!

These funny cat memes are funny, cute, and witty, just like the kitties we love so much! If you love cats, you’ll also love all these funny pictures. Check them out, enjoy a good laugh, and share the fun with all your friends.

I’d tell you to show them to your cats, but we all know they won’t really care. If you’ve got a funny cat at home, feel free to drop a picture in the comment section below!

1. This funny cat meme say what we're all thinking before we have our coffee.

Funny cat meme: I'm not saying I'd die without coffee. I'm saying others might.

2. Found cat, not very friendly!

Funny cat meme: Anyone lost this cat? It has no collar, no ID, and it's not very friendly.

3. I have no doubt they would!

Funny cat meme: new study finds that cats can't spread COVID-19, but would, if given option.

4. The morning after a wild party:

Funny cat meme: The morning after a wild party.

5. I really want to be a cat, to be honest. Adulting is hard.

Funny cat meme: when you're an adult, you want to be a cat.

6. Always keep away until this is empty.

Funny cat meme: No speaking until this is empty.

7. 2020 was rough on everyone...

Funny cat meme: Me, looking at my closet full of clothes that no longer fit.

8. I've always wondered what the holes in the pizza boxes were for.

Funny cat meme: So that's what the hole in the pizza boxes are for!

9. Remember when we couldn't wait to get back to the office?

Funny cat meme: People being asked to go back to the office, after working from home for months.

10. Cats always make pictures better!

Funny cat meme: Profile picture vs reality.

11. It's so annoying when your brother pretends to be your shadow, Coco!

Funny cat meme: open your eyes Coco. And stop pretending you are my shadow.

12. Although, to be honest, I think nothing prepares you for teenagers.

Funny cat meme: Dogs prepare you for babies, cats prepare you for teenagers.

13. This kitten farts a lot!

Funny cat meme: I adopted a kitten, man can it fart!

14. No one, no matter how cute!

Funny cat meme: No one's exempted from temperature checks.

15. My face, when someone I don't like starts talking to me.

Funny cat meme: When someone I don't know starts talking to me.

16. He doesn't look very happy!

Funny cat meme: When your babies look nothing like you.

17. This is exactly the face I make when this happens to me.

Funny cat meme:Nothing messes up your Friday like realizing it's only Thursday.

18. So emotional! LMAO

Funny cat meme: The emotional reaction of a cat when seeing its owner for the first time in 6 months.

19. Maybe they can all read!

Funny cat meme: I'm starting to think this cat can read.

20. "Never leave me alone with Grandma, again!".

Funny cat meme: When you leave your cat with Grandma

21. It sucks when this happens.

Funny cat meme: Keep it coming, man. I lost a life today.

22. He looks so tired! Poor guy...

Funny cat meme: Dad, after he spends the whole day with the kids.

23. If you ever panic, unbutton your pants first!

Funny cat meme: I couldn't breathe, then I unbuttoned my pants and was all good.

24. When you lie in your resume, and you get hired.

Funny cat meme: When you lie on the application but still get the job.

25. Such a funny cat meme!

Funny cat meme: Cat for sale. Still in original packaging.

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