25 Funny BBQ Memes For Everyone Who Loves To Grill

Funny BBQ Memes For Everyone Who Loves To Grill

I heard you liked grilling, so here are 25 hilarious barbecue memes to make your day!

Summer’s finally here, which means barbecue season has begun! Although, if you really like to grill, you know it’s barbecue season all year round. Here are 25 bbq memes that made me laugh and a little bit hungry today. Check them out and share the fun with your friends!

1. Poor bird! LOL!

Funny Grilling Memes That stupid bird messed with me for the last time.

2. That's better than love, to be honest.

Funny Grilling Memes Love is in the air... No, wait. That's BBQ. Nevermind.

3. I know exactly how to smoke my brisket!

Funny Grilling Memes When someone starts telling me how to smoke my brisket.

4. Cheers to those of you who add bacon!

Funny Grilling Memes When you go to a BBQ and they put bacon on the burgers.

5. I choose the food.

Funny Grilling Memes When you want a hot body, but you also want BBQ.

6. It's the same thing.

Funny Grilling Memes When someone in my neighborhood is having a barbecue, I understand what sharks feel when there's blood in the water.

7. Yay!!! Free barbecue!

Funny Grilling Memes Did someone say FREE BBQ?

8. Are we even friends?

Funny Grilling Memes I leave for a few days and you have a BBQ without me?

9. A pro never does that!

Funny Grilling Memes When someone tells me they boil their ribs before grilling them.

10. Outrageous! Everyone knows you don't flip the meat on someone else's grill!

Funny Grilling Memes When someone starts flipping the meat on your pit the second you step away.

11. Every time!

Funny Grilling Memes My neighbors when I start the grill.

12. Yikes!

Funny Grilling Memes When you show up to your friend's BBQ and see them use lighter fluid to light the charcoal.

13. It wouldn't be my first choice, but ok.

Funny Grilling Memes If you're not grilling at my gravesite, were we ever really friends?

14. Of course it's always barbecue season!

Funny Grilling Memes BBQ season is almost here... It's always BBQ season!!!

15. Who needs perfume when you've got BBQ?

Funny Grilling Memes I don't always smell like BBQ... Oh, wait. I do.

16. OMG, this looks so tasty!

Funny Grilling Memes I want a vegetable tray just like this one.

17. Grill ALL the meat!

Funny Grilling Memes Me, on the first summer day.

18. Do you smoke?!

Funny Grilling Memes

19. I told you I wasn't home!

Funny Grilling Memes I don't care if you see me BBQing in my front yard! If I say I'm not home, then I'm not home!!!

20. Hilarious!

Funny Grilling Memes Guys that grill on charcoal vs guys that grill on gas

21. A heartwarming post about love and grilling:

Funny Grilling Memes

22. Let's do this, people!

Funny Grilling Memes Now that summer is finally here, it's time to burn some fat!

23. It's true!

Funny Grilling Memes REAL MEN SMELL LIKE BBQ.

24. How to celebrate properly:

Funny Grilling Memes When you finally see your friends after the lockdown.

25. They're tasty, even though they aren't mine.

Funny Grilling Memes

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