25 Funny Alpacas That Will Make You Smile

funny alpacas

Alpacas are so funny! Check out this hilarious gallery and share it with someone who could use a reason to smile!

These funny alpacas will make your day! They have such cute faces, and when they stick their tongues out, they look so silly! These cute alpacas made me smile today, and I’m sharing them with you, hoping they’ll put you in a good mood, too. Check out the hilarious gallery and share the fun with your friends!

1. The last sunny days, let's get some sun on this fluffy belly!

funny alpaca sits on the back

2. When you drink too much on Sunday evening and have to show up to work on Monday:

funny alpaca face

3. When you talk too much and someone offers you food just so you would shut up.

funny alpaca face

4. Such a cutie! Look at that face!

funny alpaca smiles

5. Oh, look! A fluffy caterpillar!

funny alpaca position

6. I'm a little jealous of this alpaca's hairstyle.

funny alpaca hipster haircut

7. So beautiful!

funny alpaca david bowie

8. I smile the exact same way after a few shots of tequila.

funny alpaca face

9. This alpaca can't see anything, but it's got the coolest hair, so it doesn't matter.

funny alpaca hair

10. So adorable! This alpaca is so fluffy, I could pet it forever.

funny alpaca fluffy

11. Alpacas are so funny!

funny alpaca crazy eyes

12. When bae has food and you could eat, too.

funny alpaca face

13. Me and my friends, after getting our hair done.

funny alpaca hair

14. Nice haircut!

funny alpaca hairstyle

15. Hi, cutie! This alpaca is so adorable.

funny alpaca curious

16. This baby alpaca is so cute!

funny alpaca cute face

17. Here's a kiss for you!

funny alpaca kiss

18. This is how I take selfies, too.

funny alpaca sticks tongue out

19. "Haaahahahaha"

funny alpaca laugh

20. This alpaca band is about to release a new album!

funny alpaca haircut

21. There's nothing funnier than photobombing your friends.

funny alpaca photobomb

22. This alpaca looks like it's just taken a new profile pic.

funny alpaca silly face

23. Nice haircuts!

funny alpaca haircut

24. The face I make when I see there's no food in the fridge.

funny alpaca face

25. So much love!

funny alpaca snuggle

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